September 16, 2013


With patches of dark gray clouds rolling in from the ocean, we pushed our little boat into the bay. The weather report promised the rain would skip us and it did. I stayed low in the center to operate the jib, JD was on the tiller. The wind was consistent but not strong or steady, changing direction often and dying down only to be followed by another gust. With wind in the sails the boat darts across the bay like a rocket. On Saturday, it felt more like steering a rickety old car. The distribution of our weight was key. There was going to be no hiking out over the edge. Instead, I crouched over the centerboard, switching sides as needed with every shift. We sailed back and forth, getting used to the feel of it. We haven't sailed our little boat enough to feel completely at ease, but we learn more with every attempt. 

After we felt more comfortable we sailed back to shore, I hopped out, Nick got on, and off they went. I sat in the sand and took a few pictures while they took a few wild tacks and made their way across the bay, then we switched again. This time JD took the jib and I was on tiller. The wind continued to change direction but the boat was easy to control. It's was very different than steering the larger, more balanced sonars we're used to sailing. With the slightest move of the tiller, you change direction, as you should. JD wanted so badly to sit on the side the wind still was not strong enough to allow it. Every time he tried, his weight would tack us. It explained why he and Nick made so many turns.  So instead, JD did his balancing act over the centerboard like I had earlier and we eventually made our way back to shore.

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