September 30, 2013


Saturday morning JD and I got in the car and headed out to Greenport for the day, along with everyone else apparently. We didn't get moving as early as we should have and encountered some traffic getting through Queens. But on a more realistic note, when is there ever not traffic in Queens? We arrived around lunch time and bypassed Bruce's Cheese Emporium to try a new taco place. The food was good, JD won the prize for best order. His pulled pork and pineapple taco was delicious, but I wasn't impressed with the rest. I was disappointed due to the fact that I'd been looking forward to having a sandwich at Bruce's a little too much, which makes me laugh and think of Liz Lemon on Sandwich Day. I miss 30 Rock.
After lunch we stopped by the Greenport Harbor Brewery for a tasting and to pick up a growler of Leaf Pile, their lovely pumpkin beer. They had three new (to us at least) beers this time, an Oyster Stout which we loved, and two IPAs, one brewed with chilies and the other in "west-coast style". The room got very crowded just as we were finishing up and by then it was too late to rush over to Briermere's for pies so we walked around town and down by the harbor and got ice cream. It was such a lovely afternoon. I love Autumn on the North Fork. It's so beautiful, every farm looks like a painting and the towns are quiet and sweet. I cannot wait to go back out for pumpkin picking, and hopefully get a pie and perhaps a sandwich as well... 

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