September 23, 2013

Fall Fair

Some things never cease to amaze me. Take driving for example. Yesterday, JD and I went to a Fall Fair out on the island. It's something I look forward to each season and this year JD didn't have school work to keep him in the city on a Sunday so he came with me. We were driving along on a main road, looking for parking. There were tons of spots available because no one here knows how to parallel park. We find a good one, pull over and put the signal on. What did the woman behind us do? Pull up so close that there was absolutely no way we could back up. I'd be curious about her thought process but I know she didn't have one. She wasn't paying a lick of attention and almost hit us in the process. Seriously. I used to be nervous driving in Manhattan what with cabs and buses darting here and there without reason, but it's far more dangerous on the suburban streets where Holly Housewife is alternating between swerving and slamming on the brakes as she texts and touches up her lipstick. At least in Manhattan the drivers are paying attention to what they're doing, that guy from New Jersey stopped to look before he made a left on red. Yes, I actually watched that happen last Tuesday.

The fair was a bit of a disappointment too. The theme this year was apparently "homemade/hand painted crap" and the crowd was just as obnoxious when it came to walking as they were at driving. There were only a few decent vendors this year, my favorites being the locally made honey and an artist that does prints of maps and posters. It was a beautiful day and JD and I enjoyed walking around and eating, which is a favorite pastime of ours. JD had a philly cheesesteak and an egg cream, I had a grilled cheese with portobello mushrooms, tomato, provolone, and boursin, and we shared a funnel cake and black cherry soda. We feel awesome today.


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