August 23, 2013

Sailing at the Speed of Ducks

Tuesday evening, JD and I met up with my friend Mike to go sailing. The wind was forecast to be 9 mph, better than normal for Oyster Bay. We should have been suspicious, especially since Mike had never been sailing with us before. Every time we bring along someone new, the wind performs a disappearing act. Only when Nick comes with us, or when we're alone, does the wind blow. Before we left the dock it didn't seem too bad, a couple of other boats appeared to be making good progress, gliding across the bay so we decided to take our chances. Once we were out of the mooring field the air grew still. I scanned the water for little puffs of wind but nothing came, the water was flat as glass. The sails just hung there, completely useless. At one point, after a tack, I had to pull the jib over by hand. And so we drifted around the bay, sailing at the speed of ducks as JD put it until we eventually made our way back to the mooring field. Mike was not impressed.

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