August 15, 2013


Who catches a cold in the middle of summer? This girl right here. I think all of the hours spent waiting in the airport, coupled with getting soaked in a New Orleans afternoon downpour the day of our flight home, didn't help my chances. By that point I was already feeling under the weather, and everyone else seemed to have been sick, coughing and sneezing the entire trip. I always find it strange to catch a cold in summer. I associate them with cold weather, but that doesn't stop the cold from coming anyway. Today I am finally feeling better and can breathe through my nose. It's a wonderful feeling. To celebrate JD and I took a walk along the Hudson River this afternoon. 
I still need to go through the New Orleans pictures. I haven't done much with them since my main concentration this week has been regaining the ability to breathe out of my nose.

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