August 29, 2013

Autumn Colors

one. H&M skirt - two. Equipment blouse three. Sam Edelman boots 
four. B Brian Atwood bag five. Essie nail polish in "Sole Mate" -

As we get closer to Autumn, I've been gravitating a bit more towards darker colors. That deep reddish purple oxblood shade is one of my favorites. While I'm not quite ready for a change of season just yet, the Summer is never long enough, I can't help it. This outfit inspires daydreams of strolling through Central Park on a sunny day when the air is cool and yellow and orange leaves have just begun to fall from their trees, littering the ground. I long for days like those, but I fully intend to enjoy every last bit of the summer while it's still here. I know that the first cold day I'll be kicking myself, wishing for beach weather. That's how it always is.


  1. love thos booties! i'm ready for fall clothes but i still need one last tan :)

  2. I really like that color nail polish, it is great for the fall and winter months!


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  4. Great choices! I love a good moody set :) I just made a much brighter one on my blog, have a look if you'd like!


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