July 13, 2013

The Weekend Thus Far

I usually don't blog on Saturdays, but this has been a weird week and who really cares?
Last night JD and I went to Tartine to celebrate our seven year anniversary, which was really on Tuesday. We love Tartine. It's such a cute little place on a (relatively) quiet street with delicious food, outdoor seating, and a bring your own booze policy. When we left the apartment it the sky was gray and looked like rain. The weather report said there was a 10% chance of rain, so we brought umbrellas and a bottle of champagne and decided to go anyway. It started pouring the minute we arrived and got on line. The woman standing next to JD kept dumping her umbrella out on him. He was soaked. The lack of intelligence and common courtesy or sense exhibited by people can be astounding. This woman was very much aware that someone was standing next to her, where she thought the water would go with each shake is beyond me. Luckily for us, there were only larger parties ahead of us so we were seated relatively quickly as a party of two. Dinner was lovely and definitely made up for the unpleasantries brought about by the rain. We split a fig salad to start, I ordered the sautéed chicken, and JD had the mussels with a bucket of french fries. Delicious.
It was still raining when we left Tartine and my shoes were completely soaked so we decided to run back to the wine shop, pick up another bottle and watch To Catch a Thief back at the apartment. I wore my most comfortable pair of wedges that I wear all of the time but apparently when wet the jute swells and they became very tight and uncomfortable around my toes. They are still soaked this afternoon. 

 This morning was went for an early brunch at Market Table, mostly because they serve eggs benedict with prosciutto on buttermilk biscuits. We decided to order the pancakes with strawberries, almonds, and bourbon maple syrup as well and switched plates half way through the meal. We do that a lot.  It works out really well, especially when we would both like to try multiple things. Everything was delicious, and we went so early that we pretty much had the restaurant to ourselves.
I am currently in a food coma, and JD is studying. Happy Saturday!

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