July 24, 2013

Heat Wave

The heat wave last week was brutal. I don't mind hot temperatures, it's the humidity that does me in. I'm not a fan of the heavy air or feeling like you're walking through soup. It's just uncomfortable. It finally broke on Saturday, so we decided to spend a few hours at the beach. It was still hot but somehow the breeze coming in off the ocean made it feel less threatening. I love the beach. This time we walked to the other side, to the right of the tunnel, since it was less crowded and we wouldn't have to walk as far. The beach is still a narrow strip so the people have spread out further. That's one of the funny things about the beaches here, no one wants to walk very far. From the private beach the public beach looked so far away, but now it's so thin that the people spread out almost all the way down. The bird preserve is gone, there isn't enough space, but they're all darting around in the cove that was the old private beach. I find it fascinating that people would prefer to sit on top of each other, overhear each others conversations and music, and constantly have sand kicked on them than walk a extra couple of yards for some peace. I don't mind walking a little further. 

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  1. Beautiful photos! These makes me miss the beach, sun and sand so much...


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