July 30, 2013

Changes / Relaunch

There are going to be some big changes happening later today/tomorrow. I am planning to relaunch the blog, changing the name and design. I have been wanting to do this for a while. Having been out of college for so long now, it just doesn't feel right to call myself a post grad anymore. I wanted to come up with a new name that would allow me to write about everything and anything, whether it be about travel, fashion, food, or sailing... you get the point, all encompassing. In trying to think of a new name for the blog, I started writing down things that I liked, favorite words, colors, animals, activities. It wasn't going well. The Blue Koala, anyone? One day back in the Spring I found myself reminiscing about our trip to Italy in the Spring of 2012. One of my fondest memories from the trip is splitting a bottle of prosecco over gelato in a beautiful piazza in Florence in the late afternoon. We sat in the grass, admiring the gorgeous, ornate architecture of the Italian buildings and watched the sun dip slowly behind them. When we got to Rome we did the same thing, except that time it was shared over lunch in a park overlooking the city. Thus, Prosecco in the Park was born. I thought it had a nice ring to it, and could lend itself well to any topic. And it doesn't hurt that it also brings to mind happy thoughts of spending time with my best friend. 

So please don't be alarmed when and/or if you click on my page later and it is different. 
I am hoping to get everything up by tomorrow at the very latest.

PS. Good luck to my wonderful, brilliant, talented, lovely JD on the bar exam today!

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