July 22, 2013

Bottling Day

On Saturday, JD and I bottled the watermelon beer. He took part of the day off from studying to help me since I strained my back and all lifting the bucket when I did the transfer. I am very interested in how the final product with taste. We sampled and it was delicious, but there were bits of watermelon floating around in it since it's unfiltered. The little thing at the end of the auto siphon should take care of that in most of the bottles as we had to stop and clean it out twice since it clogged twice. The second time the pressure caused it to pop off into one of the bottles, overflowing one of them and spilling onto the floor. So there are about four or five bottles that will have more watermelon than the rest.

Before he headed back into the city we switched out some of our vanilla porters for blueberries. JD had been storing them at his house, most likely so that I did not drink them all without him. They are delicious. We are definitely getting the hang of this home brew thing.

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