July 2, 2013

Baking Disasters & A Rainy Weekend

This morning I got up earlier than usual and decided to get a start on what should be a very long and busy day. I decided to start with the berry truffle tart I was planning to make for the fourth. Baking when you're still quite tired is a bad idea. And the kitchen hasn't exactly been my favorite place as of late. Last week I sliced a nice chunk of my finger off while washing dishes. JD says it's nothing and he's right. It's a very tiny cut compared to other injuries I've sustained, but it freaked me out and hurt a lot and it is in a terribly uncomfortable spot on the side of my knuckle. Where was I going with this? Oh right, the kitchen has not been my friend lately. So this morning I misread the recipe for the tart crust and added 1/2 cup of butter instead of 1/3 cup. I realized that this might be a problem when I peered into the oven and noticed it was bubbling. Wonderful. I tried to squeeze out as much of the excess butter as I could and baked it again. It's cooling on the stove now and seems to be getting more solid. Good thing I had planned to serve this to friends... It should be fine right?
{ where we would have liked to be this weekend }

We didn't do very much this weekend. JD and I decided to leave the city as the pride parade was on Sunday and the neighborhood would be insane and difficult to navigate. They set up barriers to separate the traffic from the people so you have to walk all the way up to Chelsea to cross the street and come back down. I'm also not a huge fan of crowds and our weekend activities would be very restricted so instead we planned to go sailing and to the beach, neither of which happened thanks to the weather. JD found the recipe for 21st Amendment's Hell or High Watermelon, so we decided to brew a watermelon beer and go on a car picnic instead. I'm going to have to manage the transfer by myself next week and am kind of nervous about it. The reason why we had been delaying starting the watermelon was because JD will be taking the bar (exam) soon and wouldn't be out to help me with it. We remembered this on Sunday, after brewing on Saturday. Good job us. 

I have so much to do today and it's already 9:30am. Oh boy. Here goes nothing!

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