June 20, 2013

Mischa the Ferocious

This morning we had a technician come to investigate a problem we were having with our cable. So naturally, Mischa took it upon herself to show this nice man why owning a Yorkshire terrier is not advisable. She greeted him at the door like a venomous snake waiting to pounce on a rabbit, except she weighs eight pounds and he clearly wasn't feeling very threatened. I had to hold her the entire time, it makes her feel better, gives her an excuse as to why she's not attacking our visitor. I imagine her growls mean "You're lucky my person/servant is holding me back, otherwise I would totally bite you." In reality if I wasn't holding her she would be hiding under the dining room table, awkwardly barking and waiting for him to leave so she could chase him to the door for show. 
Mischa relaxing her in bed after her busy morning. Keeping up such a ferocious image takes a lot out of her. That pink bow of hers is especially intimidating, don't you think? Perhaps I should have put her shark fin on so she could really pretend to be tough.
I wouldn't want to swim with that shark in the water. No really though. She hates water, oddly enjoys floating on a raft, and will claw you to pieces if she finds you while in a pool. Also, I am aware that I have now used this picture several times and clearly should take some new ones. I'll get on that. 

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