June 4, 2013

Hello, Summer!

Last weekend I was freezing my butt off on the beach and this weekend it hit 90 degrees.
That's New York for you. We don't ease into seasons here. We go big or go home. It's funny, when I left my house Thursday night I brought a jacket thinking it might be as cool and breezy in Manhattan but boy was I wrong. We nearly melted on our walk to get gelato. As a rule of thumb, Manhattan is always at least ten degrees hotter than anywhere else. The first few days of a big season change are always the toughest for me to adjust to. All of a sudden it's 90 degrees out and I don't know how to handle it. I sweat too much, have trouble sleeping, and vow to move to a colder climate where I'll never melt into a puddle on the sidewalk. It's still at that point in New York where the subways are still cool enough to tolerate waiting for a train for a couple of minutes, but the garbage smell has definitely set in for the season. 

On Saturday we went up to the boat basin to meet up with some friends we haven't seen in too long. While placing a drink order at the crowded bar proved to be an ordeal, we had a nice time catching up in our improvised seating arrangement at the bottom of a traffic circle. If you've never been, the Boat Basin Cafe is located underneath a traffic loop/circle on the West Side Highway. It's quite unnerving for people like me who are a little too aware of how terrible the most of the  population is at operating motor vehicles. We arranged our white plastic chairs in a circle under the shade of the highway, directly across from the fountain turned dining area in the center of the traffic circle. A lot of people seemed to like our idea and within twenty minutes there were no plastic chairs left stacked against the pillar by the entrance.

The last time we were at the boat basin it was an entirely different experience, there were much less people surrounding the bar area and/or waiting for tables, none of which had been shielded by umbrellas. This Saturday we arrived first and after looking around and not finding anyone, JD attempted to get us drinks. The bar area was so crowded, unbearably hot, and filled with the most rude people imaginable. I'd give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they were just cranky from the heat, but there was just too much ridiculous behavior happening to justify it. By the end of the afternoon, JD was visibly upset and that man has the patience of a saint. Waiting in line forty minutes to close a tab could do that to you. Especially when you're surrounded by animals.

That evening we went to a late dinner at Buvette. We had only ever been there for brunch, which is always delicious so I was excited to try their dinner menu. Oh my, it did not disappoint. Their wine selection has been bound into a book it's so extensive and the food was perfect. We had duck confit for an appetizer, JD ordered a rabbit dish in a cream based sauce and I had coq au vin that rivaled The Troubadour in London. So good. We had to order the chocolate mousse for dessert. JD took one bite and told me in a very serious voice, "Lynds, this is very homemade tasting, you're not going to like it." I actually believed him for a second. Turns out it was all an act to get the dessert to himself. It was probably the most delicious chocolate mousse I've ever had. JD is very protective of his desserts.

As I was too busy holding my hair up off my neck and trying not to stick to things all weekend, I did not take any pictures. 

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  1. I can't wait for summer to be officially here, but all of this rain needs to go away!



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