June 17, 2013

Beach Day

Weekends are going to start getting more limited around here as we get closer to the bar exam. So for now we are trying to soak up and enjoy every last minute of them. We stayed in the city Friday night and saw a show, The Stepfathers, at UCB. It was awesome, as always. The performers are all so insanely talented. It's wonderful. I cannot say enough how much I love seeing shows there.

We drove out to the island Saturday morning and tried our best to avoid sitting in traffic. It took almost two hours and the longest bit was waiting to get to the midtown tunnel. You know when gridlock gets to the point where the traffic lights stop making sense? Well we ate up at least half an hour at the last light before entering the tunnel. It was super fun. A traffic director would have been useful. We made it out to the beach in the afternoon. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm with a light breeze.
Look at that water! I can't get over how clear and blue it is. The water is usually a disgustingly murky shade of brown. Coupled with the drastic change of the landscape, I'd think it was an entirely different place if I didn't know any better. 

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