May 1, 2013

The Weekend

What a busy weekend it was. I feel like I never stopped running around. 
It was one thing right on to the next with very little time to rest in between.

Friday night when I arrived in the city JD had just gotten out of his trial and was so very tired. He came back to help me park my car, which as it turned out, wasn't necessary. Parking in Manhattan can be tricky and riddled with super tiny parking spots that take a good deal of maneuvering to squeeze into. I tend to get frustrated and there are occasionally almost aways tears so JD usually will step in as a precautionary measure. When I arrived I scored a spot super close to the apartment with plenty of space. JD met me as I was getting out of the car and we went upstairs to find our friends Nick and Dee waiting for us at the kitchen table. From there we went out for a snack and JD tried his best to stay awake. He had been staying up late all week to prepare for his trial (the final project for one of his courses this semester) and was so exhausted by the time we sat down in the restaurant that he would randomly interrupt whoever was talking, start telling the beginning of a story, and then suddenly stop as if he had completely forgotten he was speaking. Not unlike my own sleepy behavior. I can't tell you how many times JD will call to say goodnight and I'll try to fight my way through the sleepy stupor only to get out a couple of sentences that rarely make sense in the context of what we're talking about. 

Saturday we were up in Westchester for an end of semester BBQ at the home of one of JD's professors, the one who taught the trial course actually. The food was absolutely amazing. He made these pork and beef sliders that I definitely need the recipe for and an entire menu filled with equally delicious dishes. Later that evening it was back to the city to celebrate Kaitlin's birthday. For the record, I do not understand how places become marked as bridge & tunnel, but they do. We ended up at a place where all of the men wear in plaid shirts and the ladies in cheap skin tight black dresses. Neither looked appropriate for the setting, yet they all looked the same. The music was fun though and it's always nice to see Kaitlin. 

Sunday we ate all day long. We went from brunch at Buvette to lunch at the boat basin to dinner back at the apartment. We then went to a party at one of my classmate's apartments. For future reference, Indian take away before hopping on the train to Harlem was not my best idea. I had to ask for a glass of water .2 seconds after arriving. 

On Monday, which I now consider part of my weekend, I had my class at 9am. JD and I made lunch when I got back to the apartment, and then we drove back to my house where we transferred the new beer into the carboy for secondary firmenation. We did a little sampling and it was delicious. I can't wait for it to be ready. Blueberry beer is one of my summertime favs. Next on deck I'm thinking pumpkin spice porter, or watermelon. Yum. 

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