May 17, 2013

Short Hair

Every now and then (usually at the exact moment my hair gets to my desired length) I feel the need for a change. A few years back I cut my hair so that the ends just brushed the tops of my shoulders. I loved it. It was a great cut and so easy to style, but then one day I decided that I missed my long hair and vowed to grow it out. Thanks to a series of miscommunications between my hairdresser over the years, it hasn't quite gotten to that dream length yet. You know what I'm talking about, you go in for a trim and boom, three inches later... there are tears, and you're "never getting your hair cut again, UGH!" It's all too common. Well, I'm still working on that dream of long hair, and I'm determined to stick with it. But, lately I've been wishing for short hair. I think it has to do with the season. Long hair in warm weather can get frustrating, especially hair that has been damaged by color and styling.

This all boils down to a very simple question: how upset will I be with myself three weeks after the cut?

The answer is always the same: very.

Amanda Seyfried has the most gorgeous hair, so glossy and healthy looking. This is my goal length and has been for what feels like forever.

But Brooklyn Decker's long bob is so pretty and fun for summer!

So while I dream of days walking around with a Grace Kelly cut, they'll have to wait for now.

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  1. I've always wanted to have bangs and that shoulder bob hair but never had the courage to do it... Pls post some photos if you get a bob cut! ;)


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