May 13, 2013

Last Night

First things first, I hope that all of you lovely mothers out there had the best Mother's Day yesterday!

It was a very busy weekend around these parts. Friday I took JD out for dinner to celebrate taking his last law school final. Saturday, we bottled our blueberry beer and brewed a vanilla porter in record time. We're definitely getting the hang of it. And yesterday, my mom came into the city for brunch. 

Last night JD and I went to see ASSSSCAT at the UCB Theater in Chelsea. If you don't know what that is I suggest you log into your Netflix account right now and watch their special. You could also consult the Google. Whatever floats your boat. Amy Poehler hasn't been around to do the show in a while, and it was Mother's Day, something I did not realize when I decided to purchase tickets for the 7:30pm show last month. I had accepted the fact that Amy was probably not going to be there, but the show would be worth seeing regardless. As we walked in, this really familiar looking guy held the door open for us. I couldn't place him. We made our way downstairs. and settled into seats behind the guest monologist's chair on the side of the stage area. Then I noticed four seats taped off in the area facing the stage. I whispered to JD "oh, I wonder who's here..." They usually don't have seats reserved, it's kind of a sit wherever you can sort of place. The lights dimmed, the music stopped, and out runs Amy Poehler with wet hair to introduce the show! It was her first night back in almost a year! The cast: Neil Casey (writer for SNL), Shannon O'Neill (UCB), Tami Sagher (writer for How I Met Your Mother), Zach Woods (The Office), and Chad Carter (UCB). Oh and that nice gentlemen that held the door open for us? Rich Sommer of Mad Men, the guest monologist. 

The show was amazing. By far the best improv show I've seen. The creativity and commitment to the characters they created and the scenes was impressive. Everything was so seamless, it really did look as if it had all been preplanned, which of course it hadn't. I'm always so impressed by how they know when to edit a scene, and how quickly they're able to come up with ideas. 

After the show we walked home, stopping for dinner at a sweet little French restaurant, La Grainne Cafe, on the way. Years ago, before JD lived here, we met his mom for lunch at this restaurant. We couldn't remember the name, or the neighborhood it was in and thought it was lost forever. Every now and then it would come up in conversation and finally JD asked his mom if she could remember it. She did, and there we went. It was just as wonderful as I remembered. We'll have to go back again soon.

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