May 20, 2013


JD graduated from Law School yesterday. I am so incredibly proud of him. And though he does not feel very finished or accomplished, and swears that he won’t until he takes the bar at the end of July, he has accomplished so much, and he is finished!

 I cannot believe how fast the last three years have gone. It’s a little scary actually. Was it really three years ago that we loaded the old van with all of JD’s things to drive in to his new apartment? It’s strange how you can remember certain things so clearly that they could have happened last week, and other things feel much further in the past than they are. 
JD about to have his name called. Once it was he booked it across the stage so fast I didn't have time to snap a picture! 
Mayor Bloomberg, the guest speaker, receiving his honorary degree from Arthur Abbey and Dean Crowell.
After the the ceremony. It rained all day in New York. Our sinuses, and hair, didn't stand a chance!

Remember when iphone photos used to be good? Could have sworn they were much better quality when I first got my phone, but that was three years ago. Maybe it’s just too old to care. I wish I had ignored the rules like everyone else and taken my camera anyway. The number of family members snapping photos with specifically prohibited dlsrs made me want to cry, but that's what I get for following the rules. JD, you may be asked to don your cap and gown once more for a proper photo shoot. (:


  1. No way! I was thisclose to having an adventure and going to school in New York, but ultimately decided o stay closer to home. JD and I could have been classmates! Congratulations to him (and you! it's incredible how much the support of loved ones helped me get through, and I'm sure he feels the same).


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