May 6, 2013

Derby Weekend

I love the Kentucky Derby. I've also been quite lucky at picking the winners in years past, however I never actually bet on the horses. Instead, JD and I will bet each other for dinner. Whoever's horse finishes before the other's wins. Loser buys dinner. This year I chose Revolutionary who came in third, while JD chose Verrazano who came in fourteenth. We went to Cafe Mogador in the East Village for my victory dinner, just as we did last year. I don't think we have been there since, actually, and it was quite a different experience. The food was still delicious, but the wait, both to be seated and served, increased quite a bit. I guess it got more popular over the last year. Usually I don't think we would mind, but we were in a hurry because we had reservations for a show at the Beast. It was kind of a weird experience, dinner. When we were seated twenty minutes after the estimated wait time, the couple at the table three inches away from us was in the midst of a huge argument. The boyfriend wasn't paying enough attention or something like that. Super close seating arrangements are always a little awkward aren't they? We were once seated next to a very drunk couple in Tartine where this guy almost knocked over our water bottle. Thankfully, the arguers were just about finished when we sat down so we didn't have to pretend we couldn't hear their "conversation" for too long. We had to ask for the check when our food arrived and stuffed it all down in ten minutes, which was a little sad since we didn't get to savor it but the shows made up for it. We ended up seeing two, AIRWOLF & What I Did For Love. They were both great, but I liked What I Did For Love a little better, most likely because there was no gun battles or drug doing. The people who volunteer to be interviewed sure are... characters to put it nicely. I should probably clarify that both shows get their ideas from interviewing an audience member. AIRWOLF's show was based on a crazy and potentially dangerous roommate story, and What I Did For Love was about this very drunk girl named Katie's relationship with her magically average boyfriend, Steve. Her words not mine. Both groups came up with some hilarious scenes. I feel like an advertisement for UCB these days. I'm kind of obsessed.

Speaking of advertisements... JD and I recently started watching Mad Men. Oh my goodness, I've never seen a collection of more miserable characters. Seriously, no one is happy and nothing seems to get any better, just worse. We are only a couple of episodes in, and we like it, the writing and acting is great, but geez it's depressing to watch. It don't know much about the series, where it is in present day, but I think it's pretty obvious that Don and Betty will end up divorced... And that something creepy is going to happen with that Glen Bishop kid.

Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. 

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