May 5, 2013

College Holidays

Back in college, we celebrated every holiday for the sake of celebrating, it didn't even have to be a real one. My favorite non-holiday holiday was Tulip Fest. Each year the city of Albany would host a festival in Washington Park to celebrate Spring, the lovely tulips, and Mother's Day. A stage would be constructed in the field and college students would pour in at 10am with coolers, lawn chairs, and blankets (completely ignoring the gorgeous blooms) to set up camp for whatever awesome '90s band (i.e. third eye blind, the spin doctors) was playing that evening. It was the best day of the spring semester, and we looked forward to it all year long. 
Today is cinco de mayo, and the college version of myself is wondering why I have little interest in grabbing a margarita to celebrate later today. Maybe it's because I have class at 9am tomorrow and I'd like to not suck. Maybe it's because I'd rather be anywhere else than at a crowded bar with drink spilling clowns. Let me tell you the story of the last cinco de mayo. It was my senior year, Kaitlin and I both had colds and weren't into going out so instead we went to downtown to our friends' house where we where then convinced to go out anyway. We were just going to walk down the street to our favorite bar. It was normally empty save for us but when we arrived it was packed wall to wall with drunk college kids. I should mention that the reason why I liked this bar so much was because it was usually empty. There was always plenty of room to move around and no one to spill their drink all over you. But on this day, it was different. There was no space to get close enough to the bar to order a drink so when JD waved to one of our bartender friends to place the usual order, a completely out of place meathead started to shout at him that he had been waiting to order and JD was standing too close to him... The gentleman was soon after removed. In the spirit of curiosity, our friend TJ decided to see what would happen if he stood perfectly still in the crowd. Within minutes he was on the other side of the room and had great difficulty trying to make his way back. The experience was completely miserable. It was precisely the reason why I never participated in "kegs and eggs" or other events that required attending a fire hazard of a bar where you couldn't wear anything you didn't want to see doused in cheap beer. Okay so maybe I've just never enjoyed drinking holidays, and with good reason I think. They can easily leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Happy cinco de mayo, folks!

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  1. I totally know what you mean! "Drinking holidays" have lost their appeal post college. I spent my cinco de mayo in bed catching up on New Girl and the Mindy Project, and I am not ashamed :)


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