April 5, 2013

Puppy Sitting

This week we have my Aunt & Uncle's dog Scout staying with us while they're away visiting my cousin in Virginia. He's only been here one day and boy does the house feel like a zoo. I walk in the door and all three dogs rush at me. Paisley pushes Scout out of the way, Mischa pushes Paisley out of the way. Everyone starts crying. It's quite an extravagant welcome. Usually I'm welcomed home with incessant demands for dinner and a few shoves if I don't get to the closet fast enough. For such a small dog, Mischa has the appetite of a shark. (Eh, see what I did there?) Anyway, Mischa has made it clear to the other two that I'm her human pet. No one is allowed to say hi to me unless they want their face bit. And just to be clear, by "no one" I mean other dogs as she is too short to reach the faces anyone/thing else. She has such lovely, refined manners.

I have been trying to get a group photo of the three but the minute I brought my camera out the craziness resumed. Apparently, Mischa, the dog who ducks and hides every time she sees a camera, thought we were having a photoshoot and decided she needed to be in every last shot.
Channeling fifteenth century aristocracy as she sits for her oil painting.
A perfect example of the blurry insanity currently ensuing. Mischa thinks they're all idiots. 
Paisley cannot sit still for five seconds. And poor Scout just wants to go home. 
This weekend JD and I are back in the city with some big plans to maybe see some orchids and an UCB improv show. I will also be attempting to get all three dogs to agree to pose for a photo, together.
Wish me luck & happy weekend everyone!

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  1. oh my god the big and small dog together is classic!


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