April 22, 2013

Orchid Show

So remember last Monday how I said I was going to be back to blogging on Tuesday? Yeah, I lied. I have no words for the series of events that occurred last week, and I felt like it would be shallow to carry on as if nothing had happened so instead I chose to extend my little break. If I couldn't take a real vacation (oh boy do I need one) I figured a social media vacation was good enough. (It wasn't, I still want a real vacation.) Now it's back to business.

Two, or maybe three, weeks ago JD's uncles were in town and we went to the Orchid Show at the New York Botanic Gardens. The arrangements were pretty impressive. I had no idea that so many different kinds of orchids existed. We took pictures of most of them... my hard drive is less than thrilled. My favorite was a white and purple speckled one that made me think of a dalmatian. White flower with spots, why not compare it to a dog? Dalmatians are pretty cute, plus I hear they're about as good with children as I am. I digress.

The show was pretty crowded towards the end, and it got a bit frustrating with everyone (myself included) stopping to photograph every single petal. It will happen, and it will take you three hours to get through to the desert room, but it was worth it. 

{Photography by JD & myself}


  1. glad your back! those flowers are so pretty, yay spring!

  2. Wow these flowers are gorgeous! Beautiful photos. :)


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