April 1, 2013


I am not a fan of getting my hair cut.
Why you ask? I have been trying to grow it out for years.
It should be much, much longer by now, but thanks to the grand
disconnect most hairdressers seem to have with units of measurement,
it hasn't gotten close. "A trim, please. A quarter of an inch at most. I don't care
that the ends may be split higher up. Straight across, no angles, do not touch the front."
Three inches later my hair is angled in the front and I'm in tears, months of meticulous
care and length flushed down the toilet. It drives me nuts. What is the problem here?
Was I not clear enough? Someone please explain the disconnect. I cannot wrap my head
around why every single time I go in for a trim, the stylist proceeds to cut my hair 
however the hell they like and completely disregard my careful instructions. 
JD thinks I'm overreacting. True, it will grow back. It is by far not the end of the world.
But you know, a haircut is something you wear every day. You should be pleased with it. 
It should be what you asked for. And it should not take years and years to grow out.
I'm quite upset to say the least. The shortest pieces around my face now brush my 
shoulders when it had been half way down my back just last week. 
Needless to say, I will not be going back. 

While I'm at it, my hair is naturally straight. It is absolutely ridiculous to suggest
that I should pay for a "blow out" rather than leaving with wet hair. 
Since when is the common courtesy of drying the customer's hair before sending
them out into the cold such an inconvenience that it must be charged for?
Oh please, it's completely ridiculous!

If you happen to know of a good hair stylist in New York that 
doesn't cost a small fortune and get scissor happy, please advise.


  1. Erm I've not cut my hair for a year. Can't bear to do so! :/

  2. i seriously had the worst cut of my life in NYC that cost me a fortune and had a similar experience with cutting my hair in a way that i had SPECIFICALLY said not to. i went to two salons in new york while i was there and neither one did a good job. :-/ kinda surprising because i thought they were big on good hair stylists there

    i feel your pain!

  3. Arrojo studio is where it's at! I had long mermaid hair all my life and a couple years ago I decided to take the plunge and cut it to just below my ears. It was super fun short, but I know how you feel with the annoying in between length. It's grown out down past my bra at this point because I've only cut it twice since then and both times at this place!

    Sorry for the long comment, but I swear by these guys, they're the only ones I trust in NY to do it. You can figure out how much you want to pay as well based on how long the stylist has been working there. I go for the $80 cut (where he blowdried and everything as well without an extra fee, you're right, with supah straight hair it's ridonk to have to pay extra), with stylists who'd been working for about 5 years and I've loved every cut I've gotten with them :)

    Haha, I promise I'm not being paid for this comment or anything. I live in Australia now and it's heartbreaking that I have to try and find a hairdresser I like here. It's trial and error, so if you find a good one, they're worth hanging on to!

    Good luck ;)


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