March 25, 2013

Thoughts on Social Media, More Specifically Facebook

I don't have much of an online presence. If you google my first and last name all that comes up is an old essay written for a college English course and a Times Union article that features an idiotic comment I made about my plans post grad. I do not have Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. All I have is this blog and instagram, neither of which would appear in said google search. 

I worry that in this age of extreme social media, my lack of an online presence according to "the google" would make it seem like I've got something to hide, which is the opposite of the truth. I think people automatically assume that if you don't have this or that you are a suspicious character. 

Personally, I don't see the need to have those things. Call me old fashioned, but I like to have conversations with my friends rather than spying on social media to see what they're up to. 

Truth be told I never wanted a Facebook account. It was brand new when I went off to college. You could only have access to it if you had a college e-mail and back in those days, your college had to be listed on Facebook in order for you to get it. If you went to a community college like my friend Tricia, you couldn't have Facebook, you had to wait until your college joined the ranks. My High School friend Jessica insisted that I join and helped sign me up the second I got word of my e-mail address. Back then, you only had one thumbnail sized picture and a basic profile listing your school and graduation year. You added your roommates and posted silly comments on your friends' walls. Things have obviously dramatically changed since July of 2005. By my senior year anyone could join, and things started to get a little out of control. The police would see party invites posted and threaten houses to cancel them. People started changing their names to hide from employers or whoever was looking for them. I never had anything to hide so I kept my name and used Facebook as a tool to organize weekend plans. I am not ashamed of having had fun in college. I'm sure that there are a few not so flattering pictures on my old page, but I am not embarrassed by them. That photo of Kaitlin tackling me on her birthday is probably my favorite taken of the two of us to date. Plus, I've seen much, much worse on others' pages. Apres college things changed again, it became more complicated to organize your privacy settings and filters. People I hadn't spoken to since high school took over my news feed, filling it with complaints and pleas for attention. People really post a lot of things that they probably should not share with another human, let alone the world. Facebook became more annoying than useful. I stopped logging on for long periods of time, which didn't matter because I talk to my friends on a regular basis by phone or text. Finally, I decided that it wasn't worth it anymore and deactivated my account in the fall of 2011 (which was extremely difficult to do - they really don't want you to find that link - I had to google how to do it). I don't miss it one bit.

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  1. i totally agree. i haven't had a facebook in a couple years and it's so liberating. if someone actually cares about me, we'll call each other, not write on each others walls once a year to wish happy birthday. it takes away personal contact, it's just annoying


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