March 4, 2013

Sunday Walk

There's something about Sunday mornings, and afternoons in Manhattan that is just so enchanting. Everything is quiet, slower, more peaceful. It's contradictory to typical city living I suppose, but I love it most when it's empty. Especially those early summer weekends when everyone leaves and there is no wait for brunch anywhere. Yesterday, JD and I went to Elephant and Castle for brunch. We hadn't been there in a while, and I have been thinking a lot lately about their eggs and apples benedict over french toast. It's the best of both worlds, french toast and hollandaise. Yum. They also serve hot chocolate in soup bowls. You should probably go have brunch there. And drink a champagne carlton while you're at it. It's pretty amazing. We walked back along Perry Street, a street I always forget that I love. Then, when we get to "the stoop" I remember why we often skip it. I cannot tell you how funny it is to see women line up to pose on that thing, carefully angling themselves to block the sign that demands they not sir or stand on the stoop. I never watched Sex and the City, so I don't get it. "Hey, let's block someone's doorway and then get a cupcake from Magnolia!" To each their own. I was singing a different tune when it came to that ninth century door in Westminster Abbey that I needed to pose with touch. It really is a beautiful street, especially in the bright early afternoon light. Had it not been for the bare trees (and cold air) it could have been Spring. Oh I cannot wait for warmer weather!

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  1. oh, that brunch place sounds so good! hot chocolate in big bowls!? yum! i rarely eat breakfast food, but would definitely make an exception for that brunch place.


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