March 11, 2013

Daylight Savings

This weekend was one of my laziest. We had the most beautiful weather, but all I wanted to do was stay in and sleep. Daylight savings does that to me. Well, that and staying up way past my bedtime to marathon watch Downton Abbey. We finished season two yesterday. I'm in the process of writing up my thoughts on it now. Sometimes it's better to stay in, be lazy, and take things easy. I haven't been feeling all too well the last week and a half, I'm pretty sure I had a weird cold that never fully formed but still managed to make me feel like a pile of garbage that needed to gargle every ten minutes. But I shouldn't complain because this would be my first cold this winter, if we're going to call it that.

We did do a few things this weekend...
Friday we met up with friends from out of town for dinner and went to a comedy show. 
Saturday the great yorkshire shark turned seven. 
Sunday JD and I went for a walk to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine before returning to the apartment to finish watching season two of Downton Abbey.

I have the day off today, which is good as I am still having trouble accepting that the clocks have moved an hour ahead and didn't get out of bed until... recently. Mischa is the only one who is enjoying this time change. It means she gets fed an hour earlier, which is extremely good news for her since she is always ravenous.


  1. Hahaha! Cute dog-shark. ;) Happy birthday to your cute pet!

  2. glad you got to enjoy some warm weather!! your dog is so cute

  3. Your dog is seriously the cutest! Daylight savings time was hard for me too. I had to work Sunday so basically had to suck up being tired and work all day haha

    Have a great week!

    Your newest follower!


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