February 4, 2013

Sugar Mill

The Sugar Mill Hotel is located approximately a quarter mile down the road from the villa on Apple Bay. Well, at least I think it's considered Apple Bay over there. It's very confusing. The handwritten signs at the Bomba Shack are very firm in their convictions that it is in fact Capoon's Bay. Regardless, we refer to the narrow strip of sand between the hotel and the water as "Sugar Mill". On slow mornings when waiting for the rest of the group to get up for the day we like to take walks down to Sugar Mill to sit under the palm trees and watch the pelicans fish in the water by the jetties. It's always calm and quite there, save for the cruise shop tour buses that occasionally pass by. On days when plans never seem to get put into motion, we'll have lunch and spend the afternoon sipping painkillers in the sun. After all, you need to try at least one every where you go as every bar and/or restaurant claims to have the original recipe. On a side note, their restaurant located across the street in the hotel is excellent. I highly recommend having dinner there should you find yourself in Tortola for an evening. 


  1. such amazing pictures! but now i miss summer even more:( you have such a great blog!!
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  2. these photos are stunning. Looks incredible! Wish I could be there in the warmth than here in my cold office. haha


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