February 11, 2013

Snowicane Dorva

Our weekend was a quiet one. Friday afternoon I picked JD up from the train
station and went to the liquor store for some last minute Nemo supplies. Incase we
did lose power due to some LIPA oversights left over from Sandy, we would need a 
bottle of wine on hand. The lights flickered but stayed on, thankfully, so we
drank the wine and built an igloo that JD is referring to as Snow Fort Igloo Dorva, 
a mouthfull I should probably explain. We love 30 Rock. As previously mentioned here,
I think Tina Fey is wonderful. In the final episode, they must put on one last show because 
if they do not, Tracy will get a thirty-million dollar pay out. So in a ridiculous fashion 
so typical of Tracy, he tries to come up with ways to get out of doing the show.

Cut to Al Roker standing outside on a windy Manhattan street, shouting into his microphone.
"There’s a Snowicane coming. According to the National Weather Service you should, and I quote: ‘leave work; get in your purple Bentley; and be home with your sharks before the Tri State area gets slammed by what is being called: Snowicane, White Lady Name, Like Dorva…or something!”

So we started referring to Nor'easter Nemo as Snowicane Dorva, why not?

A few photos from the weekend...

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