February 18, 2013

North Fork Wine Tasting

This weekend JD took me to Greenport for a little getaway.
It was wonderful and much needed after the rough week we both had.
He is the sweetest boy, he brought me my favorite truffles from Li-Lac and packed a
lovely picnic complete with my favorite mustard seed gouda from West Side Market
for an afternoon of wine tasting. The first vineyard we stopped at was Macari, which
just so happens to sell food so we could not bring our picnic in with us. We were
disappointed, but didn't let it spoil the live jazz performance on the other side of the room.
Jazz on the Vine is a really wonderful way to get people out to the vineyards during the winter.
We stayed for just under and hour before we got too hungry and had our picnic in the car.
We made turkey and kale sandwiches with havarti and chipotle cheddar on rosemary bread
before continuing on to the second and final vineyard of the day. We decided to go to
One Woman, which we had heard good things about but never tasted any of their wines.
We pulled into the parking field to find ten cars and a small shed. Needless to say
we were a bit skeptical that there would be any room for us to stand but there was.
 Their wine list was mostly white, so for our tasting the girl behind the counter
told us that she would pick for us and not tell us what we were tasting until after.
We tried the Gruner Veltliner, the reserve Chardonnay, and two merlots, one being
 the reserve. We loved them all, especially the reserve Chardonnay, and we are
red wine drinkers. After talking to the girl more we discovered that she is the
daughter of the owner and helped plant the grapes growing in the field behind us.
She also advised that we were standing in a 150 year old tool shed, which I
thoroughly enjoyed. It was so cute! I cannot wait to go back.

The front deck at Macari.
 The tasting shed at One Woman.


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