February 28, 2013


February, you were not kind. This month hasn't been easy by any stretch. But if anything positive has come out of the last couple of weeks, it is that they have helped to remind me what is important in my life, who is important to me, and to be thankful for the things I have. As they say, when life hands you lemons, you slice them up and float them in a couple of Hoegaardens. 

There were good bits of February too. JD taught me how to build a proper fire, we built an half of an igloo, went wine tasting, attended a parade, made and ate way too much pizza, and of course, Valentine's Day happened. Our weekend trip to Greenport was fantastic. I still have to share the story of our dinner the second night. I promise I'll write it up soon, but if you're headed there before I get to it, the place is called Biere and you won't regret it one bit. 

And now I present you with February in photos:

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  1. hey blog buddy! how have you been? that egg benedict looks amazing!


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