February 20, 2013

a whiter shade of pink

one. Rebecca Taylor Top
two. J. Crew Pants
three. Zara Booties
four. American Apparel Bag
five. Stella & Dot Bracelet

Despite Valentine's Day being last week, I wasn't into the whole pink thing, mostly because it was expected. Everyone wears pretty shades of red and pink for the holiday. This week I'm singing a different tune, wishing for Spring with pale shades of pink and champagne. But Spring is still a ways off for New York. It's been so cold and windy this week and I'm sure more snow is on the way before Winter comes to a close. You know, it's funny how I never minded the winter in college. It was cold and would snow often enough. The walk from my apartment to campus was brutally windy, so much so that it rivals a walk down by the Hudson, a biting cold that cuts right to the bone and tries to knock you over. None of it bothered me. I suppose I was having too much fun to notice. Is it weird that I miss writing papers and reading historical accounts of the Civil War? Don't answer that.

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  1. I'm wishing for Spring too, in a major way. These pants are super cute!


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