January 28, 2013

Ski Weekend

This weekend JD and I went up to Mount Snow in Vermont with a group of friends 
for a ski weekend. It was such a fun time, and as always, wonderful to see friends that we don't
get to see too often. I didn't want to leave. Almost everyone in our group was up each 
morning to catch the first chair. We drove up Thursday night for a long weekend,
which was definitely a good call as the mountain was must less crowded on Friday.
There were hardly any lines for the lifts and the trails were wide open. It was a perfect day
to get comfortable on being on skis again, the last time I went was two years ago!
The mountain got pretty crowded on Saturday, so JD and I went over to the Sunbrook
area to ski. It was perfect, though a little cold, but not too crowded. It's always funny 
how certain areas of the mountain are so crowded while others are ignored. 


  1. Your pictures are getting me so excited. I'm going to Tahoe (CA) this weekend!!

  2. Wow seems like a really fun and lovely place to stay at! Wish I could be there skiing and experiencing snow too. ;)


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