January 16, 2013

Currently Loving...

Don't you just love a good winter sale? Above are some of the items I've had my eye on in recent days.

1. I love this crystal necklace from J. Crew. I could plan entire outfits around it! It also just happens to be on sale so I may just have to scoop it up.

2. I spotted this sweater on sale in Madewell last week. While it's no longer available online, in store it was an additional 30% off. I usually find that (at least at the Madewell closest to me) items go on sale pretty quickly and usually have an additional sale on top. So if you have a store by you, it's probably good to check out what they have before ordering online. Just a tip. :)

3. This sweet floral printed scarf, also from Madewell, though not on sale (yet!). The pretty pattern makes me wish for Spring, despite winter having only just begun. I'm sure colder days are on their way.

4. These western inspired ankle boots are just too cute, and they're also on sale!

5. I have been dreaming of this Maje dress since I saw it in the shop back in September. I just love the drop-waist with the fitted skirt. Plus, it's on sale in store this week for a third of the original price!

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  1. Love those boots! Oh, and the scarf is lovely! Great picks.


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