January 15, 2013

Cane Garden Bay

 Would you believe that this smooth as glass water has some of the largest
waves on the island? This is one of those beaches that people come from all 
over to surf.  Every time I've ever visited Cane, it has looked like this,
peaceful, serene. A perfect palm tree lined crescent of white sand.
It's also the home of Stanley's, the place Jimmy Buffet wrote Cheeseburger In 
Paradise about. Their cheeseburgers always are delicious. 

Sadly, cruise ship culture has changed Cane Garden Bay in a way that has
become much more noticeable. Over the years as cruise ships have made Tortola
a stop along their journeys', beaches that had previously been populated by a
crowd of people staying on the island, or a boat nearby, have become tourist traps.
The little shops set up on the beach now remain closed unless there is a boat in town.
And if there is a boat in town, you certainly don't want to be at one of the tour beaches.
Unless of course you want to feel like a sardine while having sand kicked on your 
blanket and paying triple the price for just about everything, just for the cruisers.


  1. soo lovely. but it's always so terrible to see how more and more people go to YOUR place and your peaceful idea of beach holidays... soo sad!

  2. very nice photo ;)

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  4. This place looks amazing! I'm dying to be on a beautiful beach right now


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