January 9, 2013

Apple Bay

JD surfing!
Years and years ago my Uncle Peter discovered the island of Tortola,
more specifically, the amazing surf at Apple Bay as many other surfers have as well. 
The northern shores of Tortola are known to have a good swell.
In all of the years I have gone to Tortola with family and friends, I have 
never seen Cane Garden Bay in action and still have trouble picturing
the smooth as glass water having the faintest ripple, forget about some of 
the largest waves on the island. I just can't picture it.

On our most recent trip to the island, the swell came. 
Waves rolled in, one after the other, crashing on the shore, and tearing away 
the sand to reveal the smooth black rocks that line the shore of Apple Bay. 
JD thoroughly enjoyed getting out in the water and surfing, while I enjoyed 
sitting on the deck of our villa with my camera... and a dark and stormy. 


  1. apple bay seems like a dream!!

  2. Stunning photos! Just got back from the Caribbean myself and I can't wait to go back!


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