January 4, 2013

A Quick Hello

Well, we're back from our beach vacation. It was such a fun trip, JD and I are 
so sad that it's over and we're back to reality (where it's not widely accepted to be drunk 
before breakfast). The temperature in New York was 32 degrees when we landed,
which of course is perfect for our upcoming trips (ice climbing & skiing).
I bet you can guess which one I am not participating in.  

I have tons of stories, pictures, and maybe even a video or two to share.
So while I spend the weekend sorting through all of that and deciding whether
or not I should tell you all about the laser spoon - glass breaking incident
or a cute story about the little lizard that took up a temporary residence on our 
bedroom ceiling, I leave you with a picture JD instagramed of Apple Bay.
Happy Weekend!

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