Tuesday, October 30

Sandy Update

Hello everyone.

I apologize for the lack of posts this week. I'm afraid there won't be many thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

JD and I and our families are safe. Luckily our homes were not damaged in the storm, though my street did turn into quite the river for a good portion of the last two days and two of our lower lying rooms flooded. Neither of us have power. We are hoping JD's is restored some time tomorrow but that depends on how far the water came. We've heard that it is pretty bad downtown. It could take days. Who knows when I will get power back at my house. My neighbors reported seeing a full telephone pole float by in their backyard last night. Most of the lines on my street came down and part of someone's dock ended up on the corner at the end of the street. I'm hoping that they'll get the power lines cleaned up soon but the damage is so widespread across the island so it may take longer than we hope.

So, I am not expecting to blog for a couple of days.

If you got hit by the storm I hope that you and your families are safe.

Thursday, October 25

Costume Ideas

I'm not the biggest fan of getting dressed up for Halloween for a few reasons.

One. I hate looking like a fool. I'm the kind of girl who 
likes to be appropriately dressed for everything.

Two. I think it's awful when girls use Halloween as 
an excuse to let out their inner stripper.

Three. I still shudder thinking of the awful green parrot costume 
I once donned over a heavy coat that it was definitely not cold enough for. 
I felt like the little boy in A Christmas Story, so bundled up 
that he couldn't move his arms. Thanks, Mom.
My costumes since then have been simple, usually put together from things 
I already own, and warm if the weather calls for it. A couple of years ago wore 
a black ruffled Betsey Johnson dress and went as Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf. 
The following year I was Amelia Earhart in a tan leather jacket 
with goggles and a cream colored scarf.
This year I have a couple of options in mind...
A Flapper 
The 1920s is one of my favorite time periods. 
I love the loose drop waist silhouettes, cloche hats, t-strap shoes, 
and beaded dresses. I've been looking for a vintage dress for years, 
but haven't found the one I'm looking for.
Isn't this Parker dress lovely and perfect for dressing as a flapper?
Katniss Everdeen
I'm sure that I will run into lots of Katniss Everdeens this Halloween. 
It's an easy costume to put together. Most of which you can probably 
already find in your closet. All you need is a black t-shirt, olive colored pants, 
brown boots, a mockingjay pin, and a braid in your hair.
 Stella and Dot's On The Mark necklace is a sweet little touch as
Katniss has silver arrows in the arena, and carrying your own may
not be welcome depending on where you're going.

12 | 3 | 4 | 5

What are you going to be this year?

Wednesday, October 24

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I first read The Perks of Being a Wallflower way back in high school.
The second time I read it was freshman year in college for a course I was taking. 
I loved it.
From memory, the book perfectly captured those rough adolescent years.
Though the story is told from the perspecitive of someone having a particularly difficult time, his tales are relatable. Everyone has gone through similar situations, the trials and tribulations of growing up. And if you haven't, you're lying or at very least, know someone who has.
Friday night JD and I did something we rarely do, we went to dinner and a movie.
Our date night started with tapas at Cafe Buenos Aires in Huntington at the recommendation
of our friend Dee. Dee has excellent taste in restaurants. Everything we had was delicious.
Then we were off to the Cinema Arts Theater. It reminded me more of a performing arts 
center than a movie theater.  There was a large room with a cafe when we first walked in 
where we got coffees, they offer memberships, and show a lot of indepent and old films. 
It was the perfect place to see this film. JD and I usually try to steer clear of the movies on weekend evenings since it's busy and the movie-goers seem to be there without any intent 
to actually watch the movie... But it was different at this quiet, out of the way 
theater with a cash only box office, everyone was there with a purpose.
The film was written and directed by the author of the book, 
so the adaption was seamless,well cast, and convincing.
 Since I haven't read the book in a while, my memory of it was a little fuzzy. 
Earlier at dinner JD and I recounted important scenes we had remembered 
and we were both happy to find that all of those things that stood out to us in print 
came to life on screen. We walked away feeling so happy that we had seen it. 
It got such a limited release for the big names in the cast 
(Emma Watson, Paul Rudd, Joan Cusack to name just a few), 
but I got the feeling that these actors really wanted to be a part of it.
If you have the opportunity to see Perks and haven't already, 
I highly recommend that you do. It's worth it.

Tuesday, October 23

Burgundy Pants

Top: Whistles | Pants: Victoria's Secret | Shoes: J. Crew | Earrings: Leslie Danzis

What I wore to Melissa and Alex's housewarming party over the weekend.
I picked this Whistles top up in London a couple of years ago.
It is one of my favorite pieces and I wear it often. To change this up a little, 
I wore it with burgundy pants, a color I've been obsessed with this Autumn.

Monday, October 22

"Leaf-ers" & a Housewarming

What a wonderful weekend it was!
The weather here in New York was perfect after all of the rain on Friday.
We were able to squeeze a lot in. We were "leaf-ers", "pumpkin-ers", and "pie-ers".
For some reason, we decided that those were all things to be.

On Saturday, we were leaf-ers. 
We headed up to Coxsackie, New York our friends Melissa and Alex's
housewarming party. Melissa and I were roommates our sophomore year in college.
She and her boyfriend Alex just bought a farm, complete with guinea hens
and an eight horse barn. It was wonderful to see Melissa and Alex again. 
It had been way too long. 

On the drive up we thoroughly enjoyed watching the leaves
turn before our eyes. The further we went, the more brilliant the trees.
Gorgeous red, orange, and golden leaves covered made up
the sweeping mountain views. It's only just begun here.

Some photos from the day...

In case you were wondering, 
I ended up getting Melissa and Alex the milk bottle measuring cups
from Anthropologie. They are even cuter in person, so cute in fact
that I had to buy a set for myself. That brings the tally up to 2-0.
Last spring I bought a rug, now measuring cups. 
Still no apartment.
JD is thrilled

To be continued regarding the subjects of "pumpkin-ers" and "pie-ers" :)
I hope that you had a lovely weekend!

Friday, October 19

A Rainy Friday

What better day to discuss hair problems than a rainy Friday?
It's no secret that I destroyed my hair by dying it just slightly lighter than
my natural color for two years. JD must be thrilled that I am admitting to this.
It didn't make much sense but in truth, my hair only has that auburn tint in the 
summer after spending lots of time outside. It just doesn't happen in the winter.
So basically, my hair is damaged and has a very uncooperative mind of it's own.
Recently, I have discovered this amazing hair oil thanks to Birchbox and
their collaboration with Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop. 

Over the summer my friend Kaitlin introduced me to Birchbox,
which incase you are unaware, is a company that sends you one full sized sample
and a bunch of smaller ones of different beauty products every month for $10.
Some months I've been happy, others I've been unsure of what to do with the 
things they send me (giant blue eyeliner pencil, anyone?). 
It's hit or miss when trying out new products, everyone likes 
different things, but they do try to get a sense of what 
you'd like to receive with a survey.
If you haven't signed up, you can do so here!
(But I should tell you that I will get 
50 points if you use that link to sign up.)

This month they teamed up with Gwyneth and sent out some of her
favorite beauty products. As a reader of her newsletter blog Goop, I already
knew that I'd love anything she put together. After all, I used her 
London city guide and loved her recommendations and
 her New York list is equally as good. 

When I opened my Birchbox this month there was a little sample of
Orofluido Elixir inside. It's a mixture of agran oil, linseed oil, and Cyperus oil 
 that smells like amber and vanilla and is supposed to make your hair soft, shiny, 
happy, etc. I had already been using agran oil for a while but wasn't getting
these results. I've been using the elixir for almost two weeks now and cannot
believe how smooth and manageable it makes my hair, the mop that
acts as a weather detector. I am actually wearing my hair down today.
Just thought I'd share! 

Happy Friday & enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, October 17

The Maiden Voyage in Photos

So remember when we took our little boat out for the first time
a couple of weeks ago? Well, here are the pictures!
 JD, Nick, and I arriving at Mike and Logan's boat. 
And no, you are not supposed to put three people on a 420.
Mike hopped on to give JD and mini lesson since both 
Nick and I were terrified and escaped the first chance we got.
All photographs by Logan Sappell.

Thank you again, Logan and Mike!

Tuesday, October 16

Celeb Spotting

A couple of weeks ago, one of my coworkers was talking about
how she meets celebrities all the time. Not by seeking them out,
 but instead running into them out in public. I was a just little bit jealous. 
I wanted to casually run into the cast of Glee in the supermarket too. 
My extent of celebrity encounters included meeting Sean Lennon 
at Fashion's Night Out a couple of years ago and once while having 
dinner outside at Tartine, Emilie de Ravin of Lost walked by carrying 
a small black duffle bag. Instead of running away from my dinner
and questioning her about "Crazy Jungle Claire" I politely smiled.

I told JD about my coworker's stories. He assured me that we probably
see a lot of celebrities walking around that we just don't notice or recognize.
He cited the time that his mother stood on line at Dag with Anne Hathaway
 (who was buying cake mix to make for her cast-mates and crew - how sweet!)
and was only alerted to who she was by the starstruck cashier.
After all, his neighborhood (the West Village) is a hotbed for such sightings.

The following afternoon, JD and I went over to the meatpacking to look
at the leather jackets in Vince. (I still desperately want this one, but I will have to
wait for a sale.) Before heading uptown to visit Laduree, we stopped in the Apple store
to look at the new iPhones. The shop was crowded as I weaved around the people
and tables to find an available spot. As we were examining the phone, 
Kris Humphries walked up to us, apologized for "being ghetto" and told us
that his phone had died, he really needed to charge it. He then picked up the sample
and put his own phone on the dock while his three, much shorter friends
giggled like little girls. They kept smiling at me to see if I would recognize
who they were hanging out with... Clearly they were very excited.
I whispered to JD who he was, to which he replied "I have no idea who that is."
Exhibit A ladies and gentlemen. JD has no idea who anyone is.
Hence why he has only ever noticed Ben from Lost out on the street,
and that was only because they were filming in front of his school.
An Apple employee then came over and directed Mr. Humphries to the
second floor where he could in fact, buy a new charger and JD and I
headed uptown for some overpriced macarons.

So there it was, JD was right. I just wasn't noticing.
I then jokingly said, "I wonder who we'll see next weekend. I hope it's Boone 
(Ian Somerhalder from Lost)" and we continued about our merry way. 
Flash forward to this past Friday. 

On our way back from Li-Lac, we walked down West 11th.
We had to slow down as we approached the corner that houses The Spotted Pig.
There was a young couple standing on the sidewalk with large shopping bags,
blocking the way as they debated whether or not to go inside for dinner. 
I noticed that they said Spitafields and thought it was a long walk from All Saints 
in SoHo. As she was standing in my way I looked up at her face, assuming
that she was just a tourist. It was Vanessa Hudgens with a blond boy 
I'm assuming was her boyfriend. Once again, I whispered to JD,
he said "who?" I laughed and we continued walking home.

Saturday evening, before dinner we took a walk with JD's mom and uncles
before dinner. While waiting to cross the street, I looked over at the woman standing
next to me. She looked familiar. As we crossed the street I looked over again.
It was Julianne Moore! By now you know the drill with JD. But this time
he actually knew who she was... with a little help.

In my best Boston accent, I quoted 30 Rock
 "Two Spidermans fighting, and sometimes they make weird noises. 
But they're not hurting each other." - "How often did they walk in on you?"

JD laughed and said, "I'm sure she's thrilled to be best known for that."
She smiled at us when she noticed that we were looking at her. 
She is absolutely gorgeous in person, and her hair is extremely shiny. 
I would love to know what products she uses. 
My hair needs all of the help it can get these days. 

So there you have it, all I needed to do was pay a little more attention.

Have you ever met a celebrity?
And who would you like to run into?

Monday, October 15

Weekend Festivities

This weekend was amazing.

Friday I took a half day at work and headed directly
to JD's apartment when I got out. Parking took a little longer
than necessary thanks to a couple of streets being closed for
the filming of a Ford commercial, but we eventually found a spot.
JD loved his gifts (shoes and bow ties) and we got to spend 
the afternoon together which was a lovely treat.
We went to Corner Bistro for a late lunch and got 
raspberry and amaretto truffles from Li-Lac 
for a little snack. I had never had them before,
but have heard wonderful things so I was excited to
finally get to try them. If you happen to be in the area of 
8th and Jane, stop in. You won't regret it.

For dinner I took JD to Tartine.
We hadn't been since last January so it was a nice
change of pace. I had the mussels, JD had a steak
and we shared a confit duck leg as an appetizer.
It was so delicious.

Following dinner we went for drinks at one of our current favorites, 
the Old Rabbit Club. I always love the shocked looks I get from
 unsuspecting friends and passersby on the street when I march down
those dark stairs into what seems like a sketchy basement with 
an unmarked door. One of the things I love about that place is that
despite being located on busy MacDougal street, very few people seem
to know it's there. Speakeasies are kind of my thing.
I love finding them.

Saturday we woke up, ate cupcakes from Billy's for breakfast
and promptly fell back asleep on the couch. In the afternoon JD's
uncles came in for a visit and his mom prepared a feast.
It really felt like a holiday. 
 I dropped the container that my pumpkin cupcakes had been in
so they all smashed together. They look like such a mess when put
on the same plate as the perfect looking cupcakes from Billy's Bakery.
 JD's delicious chocolate mousse birthday cake from Veniero's.
Zoe and Wolfgang (JD's uncles' dogs) relaxing on a cozy blanket.

Sunday we went to brunch at Hudson Clearwater,
which was absolutely delicious! We had heard wonderful things
about their dinner but haven't made it in before this morning.
Yet another one of my speakeasy discoveries...
The entrance is around the corner through a back garden.

I hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, October 12

Happy Birthday to my darling JD

JD turns twenty-six today.
My, how the time has flown by. 
I remember his twenty-fourth birthday like it was yesterday.
It was quite the evening, and by that I mean it was a disaster.
I'll have to share that story one day. 

As I was saying...
Newport in July
Happy Birthday to the sweetest, most patient, 
handsome, and wonderful man I know.
I ask myself every day how I got so lucky.

This weekend JD and I will be bumming around Manhattan
and eating the pumpkin cupcakes with chai cream cheese icing
that I made him for his birthday. I posted the recipe as my
very first post ever on this blog last November.
You can find it here. I highly recommend it.
They're so delicious!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, October 10


No, sadly I have not moved... yet.
(fingers crossed we will be moving sometime late spring/early summer)
But a couple of my friends have, and with housewarming parties
coming up in the next couple of weeks, I've been hunting for the perfect gifts.
For my friend Melissa, I wanted to get something more than just
a bottle of wine. The last time she moved I got her these sweet little tea cups 
from Anthropologie. They have such cute things.
 I absolutely love this milk bottle measuring cup set from Anthropologie.
I've had my eye on it for quite a while, and may have to get it for myself...
These book inspired cutting boards are so adorable and would 
definitely come in handy for friends who love to entertain. 
 I suppose this doesn't work if it's not around Halloween as this seasonal,
but I love the pumpkin punch bowl. How cute would this be to set out
at an Autumn dinner party or Halloween party!
I love this idea of chalkboard glasses. I may have to steal the idea
and make them myself. After all, I do have a can of chalkboard paint
laying around, just waiting for an opportunity to be used.
JD is all about decanters, and fancy scotch, which go hand in hand.
This would be a great gift for a friend who has similar interests.
This muffin pan is too cute, a good idea for a friend who loves to bake.

1, 2, 34, 5, 6

Hmm... Clearly I have a preference for gifts that involve eating or drinking.

What do you usually get a friend as a housewarming gift?
And I suppose a better question, what would you want to get?

Tuesday, October 9

Weekend View

Better late than never... my weekend in photos.
 It's October, and I finally got to try People's Pops on the Highline.
 The lovely Dakota peeking between the trees in Central Park.

I hope you had a great weekend too :)

Monday, October 8

Bakery Hopping

As a result of our very physically straining weekend last week,
JD and I decided to take this one a little easier, trading our life jackets for sugary treats.
I suppose the best way to describe what we did on Saturday is to call it 
"bakery hopping", you know, like bar hopping but with bakeries in place of bars.
We started with a trip uptown to Laduree, where we spent way too much
on twelve macarons. I've only ever had the non-cookie, gluten free
coconut version of a macaron, so I wasn't sure what to expect from those 
pretty, colorful confections. We sampled just about one of each flavor.
They truly are delicious, and the packaging is just so pretty, 
but I'm not sure I would do it again. $42 for twelve cookies seems a bit much.

Our next stop took us across the park to the Upper West Side
where we dropped in Alice's Tea Cup, Chapter I for a cup of tea
and a pumpkin scone, and cookie brownie to go.
From there we went to Le Pain Quotidien for lunch before
heading back downtown for the day.

Have you ever been to Laduree?
What do you think?

Thursday, October 4

The Maiden Voyage

After spending all summer making repairs to our little boat,
we finally put it in the water on Sunday.
Everything fell into place. Our two friends who grew up racing 420s 
and are currently sailing instructors agreed to meet up with us on the bay 
in their boat, another friend came over to help us get everything together 
and loaded into the car, and the wind forecast was 5 miles per hour, 
perfectly calm incase anything went wrong - you know, like the forestay 
snapping or the old fiberglass cracking under our weight.
We got to the parking lot of the little town beach, stepped the mast, 
and got the boat off the trailer and into the water without issue.
Right about then is when the sky got very dark, the winds picked up,
and rain could be seen not too far off. It would hit us in a matter of minutes.
So there we were, sitting in our boat, trying to get it out of a dock area
designed for power boats, with impending rain and a large metal mast
to attract any lightning that may happen to come with it.
I'm not going to lie, I was just about in tears crouched down in the
front of the boat, while JD tried not to smash it into the dock.
We had some trouble getting set up as we are used to sailing sonars
and had never been on a 420 before. There was a good deal of guessing
done in the rigging. Mike, one of our sailing instructor friends,
is probably still laughing just thinking about watching us.
When we finally pulled up to their boat I hopped out and onto
their boat so fast you'd think that it had been on fire.
Mike gave JD a mini lesson and told us what we needed to fix.
The rain passed very quickly, thankfully without lighting.
I got back on the boat and off we went.
And finally, after dreaming about it for over a year now,
I got to hang off the side of my little sailboat as we sped along.
It was perfect. I cannot wait to do it again.
Logan took a bunch of pictures, 
which I will post as soon as I can get my hands on them.

Wednesday, October 3

It's Boot Weather!

Jacket: London Jean (very old) | Shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch (very old)
Pants: J. Crew | Boots: Frye | Handbag: Chloe

Earlier this week I broke my favorite boots out of the closet,
something I've been looking forward to for quite a while.
As much as I enjoy the sunny warm weather, 
the cooler days will always be my favorite. What can I say? 
I just love wearing all of the warm and cozy clothing. 

Tuesday, October 2

Kayaking on the Peconic

Saturday morning JD woke me up at 8am to go kayaking on the Peconic River.
I was less than thrilled. Friday night it sounded like such a great idea.
But I guess waking up early always sounds okay when you're not actually doing it.
So we loaded his boats onto the car and drove East.
We paddled 7 miles from Calverton to Riverhead.
It was a fun adventure, navigating through the trees and very shallow water in spots.
At a few points we actually had to get out after running aground.
Our friend Caryn even caught a mussel with her paddle.
The rain came down, mostly as a mist for about three hours.
Did I mention it took us six to do it all?
I didn't take any pictures during our paddle as the camera
was safely stowed in a dry bag in one of the bins, so these pictures where
taken before, at the spot on Connecticut Road where we put the boats in.