Friday, August 31


August, summer, where did you go?

August was a busy, crazy, fun, wonderful month.
There were picnics and trips to the beach, plenty of water sports,
time spent with good friends, and I can't forget about the
great yorkshire shark that briefly roamed the halls of my house.
I wish it could last forever.

I hope you've had a wonderful month as well!

Thursday, August 30

Good Morning

Are you sick of pictures from the beach yet?
Sadly, this will be one of the last beach posts for the season.
The summer is always too short, and winter too long,
though I definitely don't mind the lack of humidity.

Photos from another dawn patrol at Robert Moses Field 2 last weekend.

Tuesday, August 28

End of Summer Date Night

As the summer winds down and labor day draws closer I've been trying to wear
as much white as possible before it's time to put it away until next year.
I'm not really sure where I stand on wearing white after Labor Day.
My mother always made it a point not to, for her it is a rule,
one that I do not care for very much. Though these days, people seem 
to wear it year round, it doesn't appear to be a rule any longer.
Top: J. Crew | Skirt: BCBG (last year) | Handbag: Celine | Shoes: Luxury Rebel

I wore this outfit out for a date night with JD last Thursday.
Regardless of if I keep my white jeans around for a couple more weeks,
I sadly will have to put away this anchor top at least until December
when we escape to Tortola for a week.

I'm curious, where do you stand on white after Labor Day?

Monday, August 27

Dawn Patrol

I waited for the last two weeks all summer.
For JD to be finished with his summer internship 
so we could spend all of our time together.
And now they've come and gone.

Last Tuesday morning JD woke me up at 5 something to go to the beach.
They call it "Dawn Patrol", although we did arrive after sunrise.
The beach we empty when we arrived with the exception of a few other surfers.
I sat on the sand with my camera and watched JD and his friend Nick surf all morning.
The surf was small so JD brought his longboard and Nick brought a paddle board.
 JD trying out the paddleboard.

Thursday, August 23

The Beach at Night

When I was a kid, my aunt and uncle bought a house at the beach.
During the summer months we would spend our weekends sitting on the sand
 and jumping in the waves and in the evening they would throw parties.
At night, once it got dark enough, my uncle would get all of us kids together, 
hand out flashlights and bring us over to the private beach to search for shipwrecks.
I can still close my eyes and see it as if it were only yesterday.
These were some of my favorite times at the beach.
There was something about the beach at night, something spooky and exhilarating.
The long stretch of sand that had been so familiar in the daylight was a different world
without light. It felt so vast, so open, anything could be there, anything could happen.
Ten year old me remembers a beach dark enough that you couldn't
see your hand stretched out in front of your face.

So we would run along the sand with our flashlights darting wildly about, 
excited and a little scared of what we might find in the night.
If you walk down the beach far enough where no one goes you will find
plenty of driftwood among other things. Once on one of these adventures
we found an old door from a ship. We would find little pieces of things, 
declare them to be shipwrecks and wonder at what had happened,
and where they had been before washing ashore on the barrier island.
The stories I made up for some reason always included France.
We didn't always find a "shipwreck" of course, sometimes we left 
without finding a single shell to decorate the wooden staircase at the house.
But these memories are at the top of my list when I think 
back on my childhood at the beach.
This summer I've spent a good amount of time on the beach at night.
And although light pollution now illuminates the sand so it's not quite as dark,
it still feels the same. Vast and open, with a million possibilities.
I feel so lucky that I was able to have these experiences as a kid,
and that I get to live near such a beautiful place.

Wednesday, August 22


Why does August always blow by so quickly?
It's bad enough that you're already aware that it means
the end of the summer, but then it just sails by.
JD will be moving back to the city this weekend.
His first class of the semester is on Monday.
I've thoroughly enjoyed spending every day with him
this summer, and am dreading the end of this week coming.
Summer is just too short.

Last week was very busy...
JD finished his internship and had all of last week off.
We spent the week going to the beach, working on the boat
and spending as much time together as possible.
We also went to see The Campaign, which was pretty funny.
I have been reading Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin.
We booked Tortola for this coming December 
and are currently trying to organize a ski trip.
I made and mailed the invitations for my birthday.
Spent some time at JD's apartment in the city.
Made shark fins for the dogs.
Continued rewatching the second season of Lost.
And attended our friends' Alice and John's wedding.
Dress: Tibi | Bracelets: J. Crew
Yesterday, JD woke me up at 5:00am to go surfing.
Well, technically, I just sat on the beach and played photographer.
 Lots of photos to come!

Tuesday, August 21

The Great Gatsby

The wedding was so wonderful this weekend.
We had such a great time seeing all of our friends from college
together again and spending time with everyone.
While I sort through a couple of things I figured to
discuss a book that I recently revisited.
Last week I reread F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.
I had been wanting to read it again for a while and had
recently found my old copy from senior year in high school. 
It had been assigned as summer reading, we needed to annotate it.
Apparently, sixteen year old me had no idea what
annotating a book meant, and didn't bother to look it up.
Reading the first couple of pages was torture for twenty-four year old me.
I kept pausing to read my "notes" in the margins
and wondered what in the world I had been thinking.
Very little of it made any sense.
When I was not stating the obvious, I was underlining random sentences.
I quickly realized that there was no reason why I underlined
anything, save for the sake of "annotating" the book.
As annoying as it was, I continued reading, trying my best
to ignore sixteen year old me's comments on nothing.
I did not remember much about the book, just a few scenes
stayed in my memory, so I no longer had any idea how it ended.
I'd put money on my horrible "annotating" as
the reason why the story was forgotten.

At first, I liked the story. I liked Fitzgerald's voice and tone.
Then we met Daisy, she is selfish and vain and annoyed me from the start.
(On a side note, she reminds me so much of a character that 
I'm currently reading about, Darcy in Something Borrowed.)
I remember having more sympathy for her and her situation in the past.
I remember severely hating Myrtle, and while I did dislike Tom Buchanan
just as much during this read, I didn't hate Myrtle this time around.
And I certainly did not feel sorry for Daisy.
Gatsby's inability to ask a direct question or favor of Nick annoyed me as well.
They all seemed to enjoy talking around things, casually hinting
at what they'd like, and then acting surprised when they got it.
As it so often happens on second glance,
I picked up on different things in the story.
 There was so much going on that I didn't realize before,
or that have at least escaped my memory.
For one, I hadn't realized that Gatsby's whole purpose,
everything that he built himself to be was for Daisy.
He was obsessed with her, and she only seemed to care for
whoever was most interested in her at any given moment.
How easily swayed she was in the hotel room where they all argued
about the affair, how she and Tom agreed to flee and place the blame
on Gatsby later that evening, it is evident that she never really cared
about anyone but herself. I'm not sure how sixteen year old me
missed the entire concept of Gatsby being such a tragic character.

Fitzgerald's characters flaunt the evils of human nature,
making them no better than the ash heaps they think so lowly of.
And at the end I felt disappointed.
All signs pointed to an unhappy ending, I knew it was coming.
It was just sad to see how after all of it, Gatsby had no one.
And everyone else, aside from Nick, continued on with their lives
unaffected as if nothing had happened, what Gatsby?
If Fitzgerald meant this to be a social commentary of the time,
then sadly, I do not think very much has changed in the ways of
human nature, we just word things differently.

Have you read The Great Gatsby?
I would love to hear what you think!

Friday, August 17

Shark Week

In honor of shark week I give you,
the great yorkshire shark.
This week we made shark fins for the dogs out of cardboard, duct tape,
and some string. Paisley liked hers until it fell off and startled her, 
Mischa will wear anything as long as you tell her how pretty she looks. 
I could tie a banana to her head and she wouldn't mind.
 Needless to say, she has thoroughly enjoyed running around
the house with a shark fin tied to her back.

This weekend JD and I are heading to Westchester for 
our friends' wedding. I can't wait to see everyone and am
very excited to get to wear my orange and pink Tibi dress again. 
I hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 16

Kayaking in Orient Point

Sunday JD and I joined his family for a picnic on the beach
and an afternoon of kayaking out in Orient Point.
I was excited to finally make use of my tandem kayak.
We had a blast paddling around, exploring, and racing his sisters.
Yes, my life vest should probably be zipped
but we were in about a foot of water at this point.
 Afterwards we drove a couple of minutes towards the very end of the island
so we could look at the Orient Point Light House.

Wednesday, August 15

Saturday in the City

This past weekend was very busy.
Friday JD and I went back to the city for a party at our friend's apartment. 
Saturday morning we had brunch at an old favorite, Cornelia Street.
And in the afternoon we grabbed our books, a picnic basket with 
ice cream, chilled coffee, and ice, and a blanket, and sat under 
the shade of a small tree down by the river. 
The perfect way to spend a summer afternoon in the city.
 Top: Madewell (old) | Shorts: J. Crew | Shoes: Aldo (old) | Sunnies: Ray Ban | 
Handbag: Celine | Necklace: Style Newport | Watch: JD's Tag
 These pictures cover up the chain link fence of a construction site that has been
in progress for quite some time now. Some of the pictures are interesting to look at, 
but I just don't understand why they would put up pictures of construction 
(with little bits of nature mixed in) at a construction site. 
It just doesn't make any sense to me.
Sunday morning we got up early and took a trip out
to Orient Point to spend the day kayaking with JD's family.
Pictures to come!