Tuesday, July 31


What a fun month July has been!
I'm sad to see it go.

July in photos :)
Only in New England.

This month we...
 saw some fireworks, celebrated our six year anniversary, 
visited Newport, attended my cousin's engagement party where 
we attempted to send off Chinese lanterns only to have
them land on the roof or immediately crash into the bay,
we sailed, experienced a major heat wave, ate pancakes,
saw a perfect (and double) horizon to horizon rainbow,
terribly missed and visited Manhattan, celebrated a couple 
of friends' birthdays with brunch and a beer garden,
my cousin Melissa visited from Arizona, I met JD for a lunch date,
played with some puppies, did some work on our new/old sailboat,
went to the beach, and my dear friend Kaitlin came for a visit.

I hope that you had a wonderful July!

Monday, July 30

Honey Dijon Salmon

Friday night I was excited to make a recipe haven't made in a while.
A while back, I posted a recipe for salmon burgers and
the delicious honey dijon glaze/sauce that goes over them.
I'm kind of obsessed with it.
Recently I even used that glaze to marinate chicken in.

For dinner on Friday I put it over salmon again.
I served it with brown basmati rice, pineapple and red onion that
 had been marinated in the honey dijon glaze, and , arugula.
Pretty much, exactly like the burgers.

The honey dijon sauce is so easy to make.
All you need is some honey and dijon mustard.

To make the glaze:
mix equal parts honey and dijon together, slightly favoring the honey.
It is easier to mix if the honey is room temperature or warmer.

For the pineapple and onions:
I sliced them and threw them in a bowl and mixed them with
some of the honey dijon glaze before putting them on the grill.

For the salmon:
We put a light glaze on it before putting it on the grill,
skin side down for a couple of minutes until it slightly charred, then we flipped it.
At that point it only took another minute or two to finish.
 The blue sky that promptly disappeared for the rest of the weekend.

Friday, July 27

Mosquitos & Redesign

A puppy for your Friday :)

Mosquitos have to be my least favorite things about summer.
If there is one within a hundred mile radius, it will find me.
Lately I've been covering myself up to the neck with long pants,
socks, and sweatshirts to avoid getting bit so the other night, 
I got a bite on the top of my head, right along the part in my hair. 
I've also had several bites on the bottoms of my feet too. 
 Either those little guys are getting desperate or this is payback 
for only getting one bite at the beach on Monday while 
my sister got at least ten. Yikes. She's just fine by the way.

I've been wanting to change up the look of the blog for a while now,
pretty much since I made the last header, decided I didn't like it 
immediately and didn't have the energy to stare at photoshop 
any longer than I already had. Then things got busy and 
would check the page to see how a post would look and 
tell myself that I really needed to do something about that header.

So yesterday I took advantage of some free time to do a bit 
of updating and gave the blog a new look... and changed the name of it,
 just slightly. I wasn't entirely crazy about that either.
I was impressed by how quickly I was able to get it all done.
I still cringe at the memory of the first time I attempted Photoshop.
It literally took all day and didn't turn out very well.
But practice makes perfect and my skills have very much 
improved, though I'm still no expert on the subject.

I am still working on that "about" page. 
It's funny, you know. It should be easy to write 
a little something about yourself, who you are, 
what your blog is about, why your started it,
but for one reason or another, whenever I sit down to write it
I go blank. I could tell you all about World War II, 
or the Antebellum South, or my favorite lately,
about the Incan civilization and the little story I wrote
that was inspired by it, but ask me to tell you about myself
and I simply cannot find the proper words.
Does this happen to anyone else?
It must...

Let me know what you think of the redesign
and have a wonderful weekend!!!

Wednesday, July 25

Beach Day

My cousin was in town from Arizona for the weekend,
so on Monday we took her to the beach.
Unfortunately, we did not spend much time there.
By the time we stepped onto the beach, 
my poor sister was already covered in bug bites.
Within the following half hour, so was my cousin.

Monday, July 23

The Weekend

I can't believe it's already the end of July.

Friday JD got out of work early so we packed up our things and
headed straight for Manhattan. To say that we missed it "so much" 
would even be an understatement. Though it rained a lot Friday,
we didn't mind and took a little tour of the neighborhood.
This yummy chocolate cake was waiting for us when we arrived.
 Entertaining myself while JD napped. 
I was just excited to finally be wearing my yellow necklace.

Saturday we headed all the way uptown on the East side for brunch with friends.
Two of our friends celebrate their birthdays together this time every year.
I has become somewhat of an event. Two years ago JD and I
drove twelve hours from North Carolina to make it.
Though, by the time we arrived (around midnight) no one was in
any shape to remember that we had been there.

This year we met for brunch at the Parlor Steakhouse,
which was pretty cute and very accommodating of our large group,
before heading out to Astoria to spend the afternoon at the
Bohemian Hall Beer Garden. A friend of a friend was able to 
get us the second floor balcony area for the group, which was perfect. 
We were contained so we couldn't bother anyone else
and there was plenty of space to walk around and catch up
with friends we haven't seen in too long.
View from the balcony.

This week, I am planning to get back on track with this blog.
I know that I have been ignoring it quite a bit this month.
I'm working on few outfit posts and recipes and perhaps a new look.
I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Thursday, July 19

Cat Facts

The other day I was watching TV with my sister
when the following popped up on the screen:
In 1942, New York City Mayor LaGuardia banned pinball as a
form of gambling and smashed several machines in a publicity stunt.
I laughed and snapped a photo to send to JD. 
It reminded me of something.
 And I think that by now enough time has passed for me
to discuss what exactly that something was.

It all began several months ago.
JD and I went out for dinner to a little Indian restaurant in the East Village.
They sat us upstairs next to a railing that overlooked the entryway
and hostess desk downstairs. When the waiter brought the menus
he told us to try not to drop any silverware as it may take out the hostess.
We laughed, wondering if something had happened to warrant the warning
or if they were just being cautious. I always find it funny when warnings are given
that seem like they should just be common sense, the ones that make you
shake your head and say "Really? Who attempts ironing a shirt already on your body?"
But then again, I can think of a few people I know who might try that...

Continuing on the topic of funny things, JD told me about something he had seen
on a website called Reddit. A man had posted a screenshot of a conversation
he had had with his unsuspecting little cousin who had posted his phone number
on Facebook, saying he was bored. Since this little cousin did not have his
older cousin's phone number, he pretended to be an automated service that sent out
fun facts about cats every hour, a "subscription" that is impossible to cancel.
The original post on Reddit.
JD showed me the post. We laughed a lot reading it and
wanted to try it ourselves, except we took it a step further.
 Instead of sending true facts, I suggested that we make up our own.
The key was striking the perfect balance between fact and fiction.
For example, we mixed accurate bits of info such as dates, names,
and statistics with completely crazy made up facts.
That way, they would be more believable, and if doubted,
a quick google search would prove that at least some of the info is right.

For example, the one that reminded me of the pinball fact:
In 1940, the Mayor of New York, Fiorello H. LaGuardia, released 200 cats
into the subway system in an attempt to reduce the growing rat population.
In the subsequent 70 years it is estimated that the original underground cats
have multiplied to nearly 10,000 to date. These "Subway Cats" can be seen
most often in the tunnels north of 125th Street.

Our friends and family caught on eventually that it was a joke,
but nothing beat having my mother tell me about cats being able to read.

Some of our other facts:

Within the United States alone there are 12 breeds of
domestic cats that do not have tastebuds.

According to the research of leading feline scientist Juliet Clutton-Brock
and her work with the Sphinx breed, cats have been trained to read
children's books. Interestingly, research indicates an affinity
towards Dr. Suess' "Cat in the Hat".

In addition to the 1,517 people who perished when the Titanic
sank in 1912, 37 of the 53 cats on board were lost at sea.
Sadly, the official count does not include likely stowaways.

Did you hear of this joke? Did you play it?
Let me know how it went!

Wednesday, July 18

Another Beach Picnic

Last week JD and I drove out to the beach for a picnic, again.
It's my favorite thing to do in the evenings during the summer,
sit in the sand and watch the sun set over the dunes.
The only problem with this is that once the sun sets the bugs come out. 
And to those awful bugs, I must be the most delicious thing in the world 
because I am always the first one to get attacked.
 I even got bit on the bottom of my foot!

 Last week in an attempt to repel them we built a small fire
to sit around while we finished up our picnic.
It worked of course, and took days for 
the smell of campfire to wash out of my hair.

After dinner, JD experimented with the camera and the fire light.
While taking them he kept saying "how creepy" they looked.
I kind of like them.

Monday, July 16


Life lately according to my iPhone & instagram.
JD and I have been sailing a lot.
The sun setting over Oyster Bay.
 This month's Birchbox arrived!
 I made way too many pancakes for breakfast.

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Thursday, July 12

Cliff Walk

One of the things to do in Newport is the Cliff Walk.
Last June when we visited we only did part of it, we started at 
Memorial Boulevard and stopped just before the Breakers.
This time, we started at the Breakers and only walked down a little bit.
I remember not being able to see most of the mansions on the first mile
do to high fences and shrubbery last year. Instead you got a lovely
view of the sea and Easton's Beach. This year however, starting a little
further down, we were able to see some of the mansions.

Wednesday, July 11

Newport, RI

JD and I had such a lovely time in Newport.
And yes, I did recite lines from High Society every now and then.
It's just too much fun saying "are you having a wonderful time?"

Some things we did in Newport...

The tall ships were in town so we were pretty excited since we had missed them 
both weekends when they were in New York and Greenport.
I took style cues from Grace Kelly.
 We shared a frozen lemonade from Del's, which could be found just about anywhere.
We went for a stroll around the neighborhood

and discovered that the stone structure is an old mill.

For lunch we got sandwiches from Rosemary & Thyme and had a picnic at Second Beach.
 Before dinner we walked down to the harbor to watch the sun set.

This happened...

Then on Sunday we went to see some mansions and walked along the Cliff Walk.
(This is the top of the main gate at The Breakers)