Saturday, June 30

Sunset Sailing

Wednesday evening JD and I had planned to attend the 
Beyond Basic Keelboat class at the Waterfront Center,
but we arrived just after the class had set out.
So instead, we decided to rent a boat and take it out ourselves.
It took us about ten minutes to get set up but we remembered it all.
It was a perfect evening, warm with steady wind.
We practiced our maneuvers, learned I'm still hopeless at  heaving to,
and sailing around "the bathtub" as they call it.
We had such a lovely time.

We hope to get out a couple more times this week(end)
since we have just booked our anniversary trip in Newport
and would absolutely love to get out on the water while visiting.

Friday, June 29

Ned & Lana's Wedding

This week has been quite busy catching up so I apologize for my absence.

The wedding last weekend was so sweet and perfect for the couple.
It took place at a vineyard around the Buffalo area.
The reception was outside, facing the rows of growing grapes.
The reception was also outdoors but under a covered roof to protect from rain.
We all had such a good time, it was so nice to see our friends!

Here are some instagrams from the wedding.

Congratulations Ned & Lana!

Have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, June 26

The Worst Airline

There's nothing like a phone call at 4:00am.

In college, its' hardly a big deal.
Your phone rings in the early morning hours and it's a friend,
more than likely drunk, calling to tell you of some ridiculous time you're missing.
The sound of the phone doesn't jolt you out of a pleasant dream
and rattle around your insides. Instead, you sleepily answer and laugh
at the story the voice at the other end of the line is telling you.

Outside of college, in the real world, if you will,
when the phone rings at 4:00am you are startled awake.
It can hardly ever be a good thing because these days you haven't
seen the clock tick past one in ages and you're unsure if you'd even like to.
You sit straight up in bed, can't reach for the phone fast enough.
Your immediate thought, "what has gone wrong?"
Or as JD said on Saturday morning,
"Why am I being summoned at this ungodly hour?"

Thankfully, it was just an automated message from JetBlue
informing us that our flight to Buffalo at 9:29am had been cancelled.
We had been rescheduled for Monday.
Monday? Are they kidding? 

We called right back and were informed that "a lot" of flights
have been canceled due to weather. Our reaction: Well that's strange because
it's incredibly calm out and the JetBlue website listed all other flights
to Buffalo as on time, all except for ours.
Our flight was the only one (to Buffalo) that got canceled.

We were told that the best they could do was put us on a flight for 9:20pm Saturday evening,
but that was only after insisting that our friends who were flying with us,
had been able to get seats on that flight so we knew it was available.
And no, we cannot sit together, not unless we want to pay another $40.
Really JetBlue? 

They would not give us a thing for the massive inconvenience they've caused us.
To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't expect anything less from them.

Steam was billowing out of my ears.

It turns out that our flight had been canceled due to weather in Florida,
the plane that would be used for our morning flight was stuck there.
The problem was that absolutely no one at JetBlue could tell us this,
or be at all helpful, accommodating, understanding, or polite.
You know, the basics of good customer service.
All of these important qualities have been lost on JetBlue.
We were told lie after lie until they became tangled and called them out on it.

Our return flight was far worse.
We ended up having to rent a car and drove back from Buffalo.
Our poor friend who had been scheduled for an earlier flight (11:30am) had spent
over EIGHT hours in the airport, and boarded the plane twice before finally leaving.
By the time we arrived for our 6:30pm flight, he was still there, waiting.
Our flight was horribly delayed and to make matters much worse, we were informed
by my flight attendant friend that the plane that would be used for our flight was
going back and forth from Buffalo to JFK four times before ours.
We would be stuck there until further notice. There could be no time estimate
as all flights departing and arriving at JFK had been grounded.

The only reason why we decided to drive was because the girl at the counter
promised us a full refund, charged back to our credit card, and explained the procedure
to us in detail. I doubled checked all of our information with her too.
We decided to make sure that we would be able to rent a car before we canceled
and she said that we could either come back to the line or if it was too long
(it was already 50 people deep) that we could just call and they would do it over the phone.
Of course, when we called no one could help us.
The two women we spoke with were completely incompetent and as unhelpful
as possible. We took down their names and employee id numbers for reference,
but you know, I have this feeling that Connie/Kylie was even lying about that
based on the fact that she told me her name was Connie, and JD
that her name was Kylie. We repeated it back to her for confirmation.
She also works in the office all by her self and reports to no one.
Must be a sad work day for her.

The best we could do was get a JetBlue credit for our flight,
which is quite a shame since I wouldn't even wish this experience on my worst enemy.
We have absolutely NO interest in ever flying with them again,
even if my dear flight attendant friend flies us for free.
And that is saying a lot.

Bottom line is, I can understand when things happen such as bad weather,
I'm aware that the airlines can't control that, no one can, it's nature.
But to blatantly lie to your customers just because you are too lazy
to find out the real answer, is simply unacceptable.

I can guarantee that had anyone we spoke with been remotely helpful,
and had not deliberately lied to us in attempt to mislead us,
we would have had a very different experience.
Customer service is crucial to running such a business.
Just because there are limited airline choices in the US doesn't mean
you can be complete assholes to your customers.
Shame on JetBlue.

Have you ever had such a ridiculous travel experience?

Aside from our disastrous travel arrangements,
the weekend and wedding was amazing!
I have lots of pictures & stories to share so stick around!

Friday, June 22


It has been 94 degrees here the past two days.
Stepping outside it feels like walking into soup.
The air is too heavy and humid for my taste.
And to think, one used to look forward to the soupy air
because it meant that summer was coming, school was ending, etc.
As I've gotten older, I've come to realize that I'm more of a 
cold weather girl. You can always add more layers to keep warm, 
but there are only so many you can go without.
image via pinterest
This weekend JD and I are heading up to Buffalo
to attend the wedding of one of his college roommates.
It should be great/fun/interesting to see those guys again
and we are definitely looking forward to visiting Niagara Falls.
I've never been, but JD had gone as a kid.

I haven't started packing yet, or even thought of what to bring really.
All I know is that I've been planning to wear my Tibi dress,
but I'm still on the fence about whether or not the bright orange and pink
maxi dress is appropriate to wear. I'll pack a back-up just incase :)

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 21

French 75

I thought I'd share the recipe we use for 
my new favorite cocktail, the French 75.
There are a couple of different recipes floating
around the internet, all varying just slightly,
mostly regarding the amount of each ingredient.
It's such a simple drink to make, very difficult to mess up.
If it doesn't taste right, just add more of something,
champagne, sugar, gin... whatever you feel is right :)

This is how we make them.
What you will need:

  • 1.25 ounces of gin
  • 1/2 ounce of simple syrup
  • 1/4 ounce of lemon juice
  • 5 ounces of Brut champagne

  • How to make it:
  • Mix the gin, simple syrup, and lemon juice together.
  • We like to use fresh squeezed lemon juice so if you do too,
  • you may want to strain it before adding the champagne.
  • Pour the mixture over ice and top with champagne.

  • You can use whatever glass you like to serve.
  • We used wine glasses in the above picture because I thought
  • the shape was reminiscent of a champagne flute.
  • Wednesday, June 20

    Sunset Picnic

    I've said it a thousand times but, I am a big fan of picnics.
     Friday evening, once Prim was settled at Maegan's, 
    JD and I went to the beach for a sunset picnic.
    I have been dreaming about doing this since January.
    I love the beach, especially in the late afternoon once it cools down.
    I grabbed my picnic basket and a blanket, 
    we picked up wraps for dinner and a bottle of wine, 
    and took the trip over the bay to the beach.
    It was such a lovely evening, watching the sun go down over the dunes.
    Next time I'd like to actually cook something to take out for the picnic.
    I have big ambitions to have a dinner party on the beach one night, 
    complete with place settings, candles, and blankets backing each of the chairs 
    incase it gets a little chilly as night falls.

    Tuesday, June 19

    Little Anchors

    Top: J. Crew | Pants: 7 For All Mankind | Shoes: J. Crew |
    Handbag: Fossil | Bracelet: J. Crew | Sunnies: Ray-Ban

    What I wore to work yesterday.
    I picked this top up a few weeks ago from J. Crew on sale! 
    I love the little anchors. 

    Monday, June 18

    Prim's Adoption & the Weekend

    Early last week, JD's sister Maegan decided to adopt
    the sweet cat that has been living in the garage.
    On Friday we took her to the doctor to get checked out.

    She was funny, growling at the dogs in the waiting room.
    I don't know very much about cats, so I can't say if this is normal behavior.
    The doctor declared her to be perfectly healthy, she then suffered through a bath,
    and has since been the happiest cat in the world.

    I am so happy for her, that we were able to help her.
    And of course, I'm thrilled that I can visit. :)

    Later that evening JD and I headed over to the beach for a sunset picnic,
    something I have been waiting to do since about January.
    We shared a bottle of wine and watched the sun go down over the dunes.

    Saturday morning we got up and went back to the beach.
    JD got some surfing in and I got a lovely sunburn.
    We went over to the beach house when it got too windy and
    tried out my uncle's new stand up paddle boards in the bay.
    I loved it, though my legs felt like jelly for nearly an hour afterwards,
    just a friendly reminder that I should probably exercise a bit more.
    Saturday evening my cousin was in town from Virginia 
    so we had the family over for a clambake.

    Yesterday we headed over to Maegan's for lunch
     and cake and played with Prim.
    You would never guess that she hadn't lived there all her life.

    All in all an amazing weekend.
    I hope yours was just as lovely!

    Thursday, June 14


    Vintage means different things to different people.
    I tend to look at it from more of a historical perspective.
    Stepping into a vintage shop can be like walking right into a time capsule.
    Though, pieces from my favorite points in Western History generally
    no longer exist outside of museums and attics in Paris that
    have long been forgotten about.

    Over the weekend, I found a couple of vintage shops by accident,
    one of which sold only old jewelry and purses. I always like to go in
    and have a look around but I will never buy anything.
    JD pointed this out and we had a little discussion about it.
    You know how they say that a used engagement ring will bring you bad luck,
    that it is cursed? Well that is kind of how I feel about vintage things.
    It's not that I think the pieces are bad luck or cursed, but instead haunted.
    They were created for and have seen an entirely different world.
    I just can't shake the feeling that these things weren't meant for me to have.
    It's true that they weren't. They are relics of another time.
    JD on the other hand, doesn't see the problem with giving them
    a new life. This is the popular opinion of course, and I used to
     think so too before my first visit to a vintage shop.

    Two winters ago when I was preparing for my trip to London,
    I compiled a list of places to go, sights to see, shops to visit, and restaurants to dine at.
    I'm not quite sure how I came across it, but one way or another I found 
    Annie's Vintage in Islington. I checked their website, which featured  
    a dazzling beaded dress from the 1920's, and immediately knew that I needed 
    to visit while in London. It was not an option.
    We planned a day where we would explore Islington. 
    After lunch, we found Annie's, tucked away down a gray brick road
    with other vintage clothing and furniture shops scattered about the surrounding streets. 
    I stepped inside the tiny shop a little nervous and excited, 
    not entirely sure what I would find. To my right sat a basket of scarves 
    with paper tags attached dating them from the 1920s to 1970s, 
    to my left stood racks of dresses and fur capelets, and against the back wall
    hanging above a counter filled with vintage jewels were
    the beaded dresses that I dream of.

    My eye caught a pretty blue scarf and plucked it from the basket,
    running the smooth silk through my fingers. Handwritten on the attached
    paper tag read "circa 1920s" with the price printed neatly beneath it.
    It was beautiful and reasonably priced. Anyone who knows me knows
    how much I love scarves. I stood there, mulling it over but it just didn't feel right.
    You know when you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach
    and you just know what you are supposed to do?
    I can still feel it just thinking about it.
    It wasn't meant for me. It was that simple.

    Since then, I have visited several shops but have always left empty handed.
    I'm sure that if I found something really spectacular I would have to
    buy it, but most of the time, I feel weird/uncomfortable,
    like I'm picking through other people's once loved belongings.

    Tuesday, June 12

    Striped Shorts

    Shirt: J. Crew | Shorts: J. Crew | Clutch: Fossil (old) |
    Shoes: Tory Burch (old) | Sunnies: Ray-Ban | Necklace: Dogearred

    I'm not sure what I was thinking when I decided that it
    would be a good idea to walk around the city in wedges all day.
    Perhaps, I didn't realize just how much walking would take place.
    Or maybe, I thought these shoes were safe since they haven't
    caused me very much pain since breaking them in last Spring.
    Oh was that fun. The canvas part in the front was so tight on my toes.
    Regardless, I'll always happily take the extra height.
    For some reason, absolutely everyone assumes that I'm 
    much shorter than I am. I blame my proportions. 
    Incase you are wondering, I'm 5'6".

    Monday, June 11

    Down by the River

    I've been busy.
    With what? I couldn't tell you.
    It feels like I haven't stopped running in circles since 
    JD came "home" for the summer about two weeks ago.
    This weekend was out first free weekend where we could 
    do whatever we wanted, so we took the opportunity
     to go back to Manhattan.

    We arrived at JD's apartment Friday evening,
    dropped our bags off and went out for a drink.
    My new favorite is called a French 75.
    The recipe calls for champagne, gin, lime juice, and simple syrup.
    They say Hemingway used to be a fan, it's easy to understand why.
    It's absolutely delicious and strong. 
    Even JD, who doesn't care for gin, loves them.

    Saturday morning we slept in for the first time in weeks
    and spent the afternoon suit shopping for JD.
    We watched the Belmont Stakes back at the apartment and
    met up with JD's friend Liz for drinks later in the evening.

    On Sunday we decided to be lazy,
    having brunch outside at Extra Virgin
    before going down to the river.
    We brought a blanket and some magazines
    and watched the boats go by under the shade of a tree.
    It was lovely. I'm so happy that our weekends
    can be sweet and relaxing without
    JD having to study or get his school work done.
    my neon pink sandals.
    the view from under our tree.
     a very large sailboat.

    I hope that you enjoyed the weekend!

    Wednesday, June 6

    Dinner Date

    Top: Club Monaco | Pants: J. Crew |
    Clutch: Mulberry (Fall/Winter 2009) |
    Shoes: Zara | Bracelet: Madewell (old)

    I wore this outfit recently for a dinner date with JD. I like this top because it seems so simple, but a bit daring with cut-out back tied together with a bow.

    Monday, June 4

    Weekend & Prim

    Well, I am officially US Sailing certified!
    And I still feel like I'm on a boat. Not the most pleasant feeling.
    While I've never gotten seasick on a boat, I do tend to feel wobbly after the fact.
    I'm hoping this stops by tomorrow.

    This weekend went quickly. We spent all day Saturday sailing,
    then Sunday we sailed most of the day before a nasty storm rolled in.
    I'm thinking all of that rough water is the cause of my prolonged wobbling.
    JD and I are already planning to relax and not do too much next weekend.
    This week is a different story. I will certainly be busy.

    One of those things will be helping Prim.
    (Stop judging me, I just finished the Hunger Games.)
    Prim has been living in JD's garage for a couple of months.
    We believe she belonged to an elderly woman who lived down the street
    who had passed away over the winter, right around the time Prim first appeared.
    She is very sweet and friendly. There is no question in my mind that she
    was someone's indoor house pet. I truly feel horrible for her
    and wish that I could take her in myself, but apparently,
    I am the only non-allergic person living in my house.
    JD's grandmother won't have her, and he and his sisters will
    be moving out again at the end of the summer anyway for school.
    JD cannot bring her back to the city with him.

    She needs a good, loving home.
    I do not want her to end up in a shelter.
    So this week, I am planning to take her to the doctor,
    have her checked and find out more about her.
    Then hopefully, we can find her a new home.

    If you live in the Long Island/New York City area,
    or anywhere on the East Coast really and want to adopt her,
    or know of someone who might want to adopt her,
    please, let me know.

    Friday, June 1

    Yesterday Morning

    Yesterday on my drive in to work I was listening to the Elvis Duran morning show.
    When I first tuned in they were discussing how to tell someone who gave you an std,
    that they in fact, gave you an std. Clearly, I tuned in a little late and missed the lead in 
    to the conversation. I'd love to know how they managed to get on that topic.
    So they were taking calls, and they get this guy on the phone who informs
    them that a girl he had been seeing was aware that she had an acute strain of chlamydia,
    but did not bother to tell him about it until after it was too late.

    Paraphrasing the conversation:

    Elvis: So she knew about it and didn't tell you? 
    Caller: Yes.
    TJ: People like that don't belong on this planet. Let's go find her. 
    I'll get a torch and a bow and arrow and we'll go hunt her down.
    Elvis: TJ no, this isn't the Hunger Games.

    I laughed pretty hard at the Hunger Games reference.

    This weekend I will be finishing up my sailing course.
    I really hope I pass. I've been studying all week.

    Have a great weekend!