Thursday, May 31


May was a busy month for me. 

A lot happened. 
I picked the derby and preakness winner,
missed the super moon, tried a new hairstyle, 
finished reading the last Hunger Games book,
saw a few art exhibits and visited Eataly for the first time,
took a couple of long walks around Manhattan,
 saw my cousin playing guitar on a fifty foot screen, 
got a parking ticket for completely missing the sign that said "Sundays Only",
took the first part of a sailing course,
sort of adopted a cat that lives in JD's family's garage,
and finally, watched the peonies bloom in my backyard.

May in photos..

I hope you've had a wonderful month!

Wednesday, May 30

All in Nude

Dress: Anthropologie (old) | Cardigan: Madewell (old) | 
Belt: ASOS | Shoes: J. Crew | Necklace: Dogeared

When I saw this dress in Anthropologie a couple of years ago I had to have it.
Sadly, since then I have only worn it once or twice.
I seem to do that. I'll get a dress that I could see myself wearing everywhere,
only to end up wearing it absolutely nowhere. And for no good reason.
My office is fairly casual. So I decided to add a long cardigan to dress it down.

And yes, I do realize that I am probably a little 
too pale to be wearing this color right now.

Tuesday, May 29

Memorial Day Weekend

I kept busy this Memorial Day Weekend.
Saturday and Sunday JD and I started the first half of our sailing course.
I really love sailing and since we are hoping to get a boat, 
we figured it would be good to take a course, learn everything
 that we need to know about sailing, and get certified to rent in the meanwhile.
Neither of us are in the position to buy a sailboat,
 especially not the kind I dream of. 

We arrived at the Waterfront Center in Oyster Bay 
at 9am each morning and finished up at 5pm.
The weather on Sunday afternoon was not ideal. 
While practicing man overboard drills the wind died entirely.
I thought we were going to need to be towed back in to the mooring.
Eventually it pick up the slightest bit, enough to move us along at a slow crawl.
It was a good lesson though, to see what to do when you get stuck without a motor.
We each took turns paddling and sipping water as the sun beat down 
on us for about an hour. Once we got close enough to the mooring 
we rocked the boat side to side to help propel us forward.
It was a lesson that I won't soon forget. 
It will go right into the collection of memories 
of experiences I wouldn't like to repeat.
a photo from last summer of a boat passing by. I definitely would not mind having one like it.
Sunday night JD and I caught up on our Lost watching. 
We're getting closer to finished up the first season.
It amazes me how much of an obvious choice Hurley was.
Jack was always so awful at getting everyone on the same side. 
He was the kind of character that never wanted the role he found himself in, 
but did it anyway because he was "chosen". I guess since the other characters chose him, 
we thought that they must be right, that Jack was destined to take over for Jacob.
Those writers really did know what they were doing, at least in the first season. 
I remember some really crazy things happening in later seasons 
that I would still like an explanation for. But as of right now, 
I do see a very clear parallel between the beginning and the ending.
After spending two full days in the sun, I couldn't conjure up
any enthusiasm to go to the beach yesterday. I'm not cut out for this weather.
It's not the heat so much as the humidity that hangs heavy in the air, 
making it difficult to breathe, that bothers me.
There is a point every year when it gets really hot all of a sudden 
and I wonder how I will manage it. Will I ever get used to it
 or feel like I'm suffocating until the first burst of cool October air?
It's funny because I remember taking this very differently as a child.
I was in elementary school, and at recess I would step outside onto the 
playground, the air heavy and thick, and I welcomed it.
After all, it meant that summer was coming
and school would soon be over.

So instead, yesterday I went to my Uncle's house 
to pick up my mother's old bicycle so that JD and 
I can start going for bike rides together.
I hope that you had a lovely weekend!

Friday, May 25

A Little Nautical

Dress: H&M, Blazer: Willow & Clay, Handbag: Celine, Sunnies: Tom Ford,
Belt: ASOS, Shoes: Rag & Bone, Bracelets: J. Crew

I wore this outfit the other day. 
I think it has somewhat of a nautical look to it with the stripes and all.

This weekend JD and I are starting a sailing course, 
for which I am both extremely excited and a little nervous. 
I've been practicing my knots all week.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 24

Full Bloom

Top: Warehouse (old), Pants: 7 For All Mankind (old), Sunnies: Tom Ford,
Handbag: Celine, Shoes: Tory Burch, Bracelets: J. Crew

I picked this top up from ASOS last Spring and have been waiting all winter to
finally be able to wear it again. It's so easy to pair with shorts, pants, blazers, etc.
This is what I wore last Sunday for a walk along the river.

Sunday Afternoon

According to google maps, we unintentionally walked five miles on Sunday.
It all started with a simple train ride to SoHo. I needed to try on the lovely
pink and orange dress at Tibi, which I did. It fit so perfectly.
Now all I need is a tan to go with it.
We then walked to the South Street Seaport to have lunch at Jeremy's,
followed by a walk along the Hudson River back to the West Village.
It was much further than anticipated, but I can hardly complain about spending 
some extra time with JD, or getting a little extra exercise. 
He finished school last week and I have been trying to soak up every last minute 
of this free time he has before he begins his summer internship.

Wednesday, May 23

Little Owl

Both this week and last have been extremely busy for me
so please excuse my lack of posts as of late.

Saturday night once we arrived back in the city I was finally hungry.
The day had been filled with so much excitement, and porta-potties, 
that I didn't really eat or drink very much during the day.
We decided to go to Cornelia Street, an old favorite, and bypassed
busy Bleecker by taking a stroll down quiet Bedford.
There sat Little Owl on the corner, my current favorite restaurant,
the wooden bench outside empty under the warm glow of the streetlight.
This never happens. (It was around 10pm by this point.)
I've only been to Little Owl a handful of times and each time the wait has been insane.
The food is delicious, I would be right there with the people willing to wait
two hours just to sample their delicious lamb dish.
We both looked across the street a little surprised. It couldn't hurt to check the wait,
so we crossed the street and asked the hostess who then informed us
it would only be 15 minutes for a table for two. We put our name in. 
The hostess then advised that we could have a seat on the bench and 
asked if we would we prefer red or white wine while we waited,
but not to worry, she would bring it to us in tea cups so as not to stir suspicion.
A few more couples arrived a few minutes after we did, while we were happily sitting 
with our tea cups of complimentary wine. We had arrived perfectly on time. 
Ten minutes later we were seated at a table by the window.
I ordered the American lamb t-bones, rare, with watercress salad and 
potato gruyere fonduta. JD had a sea scallop special. 
I highly recommend the lamb if you have dinner at Little Owl,
absolutely delicious. I dream about it between visits.
It's that good.
If you stop by for brunch, I recommend anything that comes with
the brussel sprout home fries. It sounds a little weird,
mostly because of the stigma children's programming seems to have 
inflicted on brussel sprouts, but I can't get enough of it.

*please excuse the very dark and somewhat blurry iPhone pictures :)

Tuesday, May 22

This Good Robot

On Saturday, JD and I drove down to Asbury Park, NJ to see my cousin 
Andrew's band, This Good Robot, play the main stage at Bamboozle.
We somehow managed to make excellent time and arrived pretty early,
which was necessary because we waited for an hour and a half
on a line that stretched at least half a mile down the boardwalk.
I was a little nervous we were going to miss them since their set was scheduled
for 2:05pm and we were pretty far back on line, even after getting there so early.
It all worked out though. The doors opened around 1:30pm and we began shuffling down 
the boardwalk, past restaurants offering Bamboozle specials and outdoor seating, 
ice cream stands, and plenty of beach goers out enjoying the perfect weather.
At security they took the caps from our water bottles, apparently they are considered weapons, 
and handed us a festival map and a copy of the set list. I then grabbed JD's hand 
and ran towards the giant black stage set up all the way at the opposite end of the boardwalk.
We made it just in time. A nice crowd had already managed to gather 
before they took the stage. They were amazing!

I had no idea what to wear. I decided to go for a very simple, casual look.
Shirt: Old Navy, Tank: Forever 21, Pants: J. Crew
Handbag: Mulberry, Sunnies: RayBan, Hat: Scala
Bracelets: J. Crew, Shoes: Tory Burch

This Good Robot on the main stage!
 It was a little too bright to see clearly, but that is my cousin Andrew on a 50 foot screen!
A very blurry shot of Andrew on stage.
Michael, the lead singer, standing on the crowd.
image via
That last photo was taken by a professional photographer from the stage.
It's amazing, isn't it? I sort of got another angle of it from the crowd.

Saturday, May 19

Tibi Dress

A few weeks ago, while wandering around SoHo,
JD and I popped into Tibi on a whim.
We have a couple of weddings coming up this summer,
and since I've considered dresses from Tibi before,
I figured that it couldn't hurt to browse.
Oh boy was I wrong.
I am so obsessed with this dress, I hardly know what to do about it.
With it being bright pink and orange I'm going to assume
that it would be a little much to wear to a wedding, at least for me. 
Regardless, I think I might have to go back to the shop and look at it again. 
It's haunting me.

What do you think?

Friday, May 18

Happy Friday!

Today JD turns in his last paper for the semester,
then he is officially finished with his second year of law school!
Hopefully tonight, we will be going out to celebrate
and not getting gelato from the Grom we discovered on Bleecker
and falling asleep way too early watching episodes of Lost.

I have no idea how long the it's been there, but we had gelato from Grom in Venice.
There was one very conveniently located around the corner from our hotel in Dosoduro.
Oh, I loved it there. I've really been itching for a vacation lately.
Who couldn't use a little getaway every now and then?

On Saturday we are headed to New Jersey to see my cousin Andrew's band,
This Good Robot, play the main stage at Bamboozle! I am so excited for them!
I can't remember the last time I went to a concert...
and to be perfectly honest, I have absolutely no idea what to wear.
 I have a feeling it's going to be nothing like Coachella in terms of fashion.

Sunday is up in the air.

And now I will leave you with some recent photos.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 16

Modern Art

I would never classify myself as a modern art kind of girl.
I'm much more into traditional forms of artwork.
 You know, a horse that looks like a horse and not a severely distorted 
interpretation of one that you wouldn't be able to decipher 
if it weren't for the little plaque nailed to the wall next to it, 
telling you that it is indeed supposed to be a horse.
But this weekend, I may have formed a new appreciation for it.

On Saturday, I met up with my friend Dee and we walked around
the city together, had lunch at Eataly, and went to see a few art exhibits, 
the first of which was a new sculpture installation in Madison Square Park.
It was called "Pet Sounds" by artist Charles Long.
Basically, a series of different colored pipes wound through the park to 
a central area where all of the sculptures sat connected to their pipe.
Each sculpture looked like it could possibly have been intended to
be some sort of animal, but when you touched each sculpture
it would make contradictory sounds and/or vibrations.
 Dee and what I thought was meant to be a bird, but instead it made cricket noises.
I thought this resembled a whale was was surprised to find that it did make ocean sounds.
Definitely thought of this one as an elephant.
If you touched the top it screeched like a hawk,
if you touched the bottom it sang.

There were a lot of kids at the park, and they all seemed to love the sculptures.
And the strangest thing was that I really liked them too.
It was interesting to first look at them and make all the wrong assumptions.
The "elephant" was my favorite. Since it made such a loud hawk screech, 
occasionally people would look to the sky, forgetting it was just a sculpture.

Tuesday, May 15

How I Met Your Mother

Last year around this time when How I Met Your Mother wrapped up it's season
with a flash forward of Barney getting married I made a prediction 
about what would happen in the one that ended yesterday.
I was correct.

I won't spoil anything so don't worry if you haven't seen it yet!
My coworkers and I all watch the show and would have weekly discussions,
because in our twisted Lost watching minds, the plot couldn't possibly
be as simple as intended. There must be some sneaky side plot to uncover.
Did this happen to anyone else after six seasons?

I explained that if I were writing the show, HIMYM,
I would reveal Barney's future bride in the flash forward,
while making their present day relationship appear irreparable.
And that is pretty much what happened.

I'm not sure if I should be pleased with myself,
or disappointed that I could see the plot line so clearly.

If the wedding takes place in the present at the end of next season,
they could spend most of the season making things more complicated,
then of course, at the last minute things turn around and a few episodes
later they're getting married. But I'm not sure if I would have another
season begin and end with Barney and his future wedding.
I guess it all depends on how many more seasons they are planning,
because if I remember correctly, Ted meets "the mother" at the wedding.

Did you watch last night? What do you think?

Monday, May 14

Finals Week

It was a perfect weekend in the city.
The weather was warm but not overwhelming,
good for taking a nice long walk.
Sadly, JD was stuck inside, busy studying for his last two finals.
They are today and tomorrow, then he is a free man.
Finals are my least favorite time of the year.
I'm sure that a lot of people share that opinion with me.
There is so much pressure when it comes down to the end of the semester
and I certainly feel a little guilty that I get to relax on my days off
while poor JD is stuck inside studying. 

There are a few things that I miss about college
such as Tulip Fest, my favorite unofficial holiday,
living close to my best friends and seeing them everyday,
taking classes, and as strange as it sounds, even finals week.
I was never very fond of final exams while at school,
but now that I don't have them, I don't think I'd mind them.
In fact, given my bizarre habit of giving mini history lessons to unsuspecting
 friends, family members, and coworkers, I think I might welcome them.
Clearly, I am starved for an intellectual conversation in my "field of expertise".

Long story short, I am mildly jealous of JD being in school.
When he jokingly asks me if I'd like to study for him,
I mean it when I say yes.

We spend so much of our lives in classrooms that
transitioning to a post grad life can be difficult,
especially with the current state of the economy.
Post grad has become the new adolescence.
A world of twenty-somethings with degrees in closed fields,
forced back into their childhood homes after
four years of independence and growth.
It wasn't supposed to be like this.
Something needs to change.

On a happier note,
best of luck to JD on his final today!

Thursday, May 10

Up All Night

Every now and then I have some pretty crazy dreams.
Last Friday night I fell asleep on the wrong side of the bed,
which basically meant that I was doomed to have a bad night's sleep.
Little did JD know that I was going to torture him as well.
I laugh in my sleep every now and then.
Sometimes I wake myself up, other times someone else does.
When I was little my mom used to assume I was up playing in my room
and would come in to tell me to go back to sleep, 
except that is precisely what I was already doing, sleeping.

Some time around 3:00am, 
JD shook my shoulder and asked if I was okay.
Apparently I had been cracking up to the point where 
I was making a stifled snorting sound. How extremely flattering.
I then mumbled something about Jimmy Fallon singing Beastie Boys with
someone that neither of us can seem to remember, 
but I'm sure that was the funny part, and then fell back to sleep.

Some time after 4:00am I was woken up again,
but this time JD was less pleased and/or concerned.
I opened my eyes to find myself with arms completely extended,
palms flat against his back as he had been laying on his side,
with JD anchoring himself on the nightstand so he wouldn't go over the edge.
I had a nightmare where he had lice and as I was trying to wash it out of his hair
in the bathroom sink but they were jumping off his head and swarming around the room.
Luckily, I have never had the displeasure of experiencing lice, or how they behave,
so I have absolutely no idea if the dream lice were an accurate representation.
Judging by their wasp like behavior I'm going to guess that it's not.
Naturally, the best way of stopping them was to attempt to push JD off the bed.

We had a good laugh about it in the morning, 
but I still feel bad for keeping us both up all night with my dream antics.

Wednesday, May 9

Black & White Stripes

Top: Madewell (old), Skirt: H&M (very old), Purse: Chloe
Sunnies: Ray Ban, Shoes: Zara

Since I had given up shopping over the winter, it has been difficult
for me to get back into it. I have become extremely picky.
This would explain why every part of this outfit, except for the shoes,
has been a part of my wardrobe for well over a year.

These shoes were among my first purchases for Spring. I needed them. :)

Tuesday, May 8


Saturday there was supposed to be the "super moon", the biggest moon of the year.
After my Moroccan victory dinner we retreated to JD's apartment
and watched two episodes of Lost, struggling to stay awake until 11:30pm
so we could go outside and look at it.

On a side note,
John Locke has been so sinister from the beginning.
I'm really curious as to why I thought he was just a nice
older gentleman the first time around.
Clearly, it's designed so that you don't want to trust him.
 I've also noticed that Hurley is much better suited than
anyone else to... well you know. ;)

We lead such exciting lives, really, it's hard to keep up with.
It is finals week for JD after all.

After much convincing, I put on real pants and we walked down to the river.
I was this close to wearing my leggings outside, in Manhattan, on a Saturday night. 

Sadly it was too cloudy to even see much of downtown, no supermoon sightings.
But JD, got some pretty cool photos of downtown and New Jersey from across the river.
The sky had an eerie reddish brown quality to it that was only magnified by the camera.
 I think this photo has such a haunting quality.

Monday, May 7


Weekend via instagram.
1. New Tory Burch flats, 2.  Picking the Kentucky Derby winner,
3. Mojitos at Mogador, 4. Brunch at August, 5. Mod Squad (Essie) nails, 
6. Chocolate buttercream cupcake from Billy's Bakery.

Sunday, May 6

I'll Have Another

Yesterday was the Kentucky Derby.
JD and I didn't realize this until we stopped in a bar called Firefly 
for a drink and snack before dinner after walking around SoHo all afternoon.
To make things a little interesting, we decided to bet each other for dinner.
We looked through the horses on the website and each picked one.
The deal was whoever's horse placed higher would get treated to dinner.
JD knew right off the bat that Gemologist was his horse.
I was a little less certain. I liked three horses from their pictures,
Union Rags, Sabercat, and I'll Have Another.

Since it would be unfair for me to have three horses,
I wrote the names of the horses down on a piece of paper,
crumpled them up, shook them around in cupped hands, 
and rolled them out onto the table. 
The slip of crumpled paper I chose read I'll Have Another.

It was settled.
Gemologist vs. I'll Have Another.
Winner gets dinner.

And they were off. Gemologist had a good start
but I'll Have Another snuck up on the others and won the race.
I was stunned.

I should probably mention that this is the second year in a row
that I've chosen the winning horse. Perhaps I should start placing actual bets?

My victory dinner was had at Cafe Mogador,
an amazing Moroccan restaurant in the East Village.

There's more to share from the weekend,
and maybe even an outfit post of two lined up so stay tuned. :)

Friday, May 4

Friday Update

It has rained every single day this week.
The sky has been a unrelenting wall of gray, holding the sun hostage.

Yes, I'm aware how how dramatic I'm being.
I am also aware that it rained maybe twice in April
so it is very much needed. It's just sad.

I am very much looking forward to warm,
sunny days spent reading outside,
sitting on the beach, and getting out on the water
whether on a sailboat or in a kayak.
I need it to be summer.

JD starts his finals next week so this weekend is bound to be very quiet.
If the rain keeps up I will probably insist that we go to a museum. 
Maybe the Tenement Museum, neither of us has visited it yet.
Then JD could listen to someone else talk about the 
three cholera outbreaks that hit the city for a change. 

If we get lucky and the sun comes back, perhaps we will go for a long walk.
I have been trying to get to know the city better.
There are so many parts of it that I have never been to.
We usually stick to the areas we are most familiar with
and hardly ever go uptown.

Oh and, a little update.
My cousin Andrew's band won that competition a few weeks ago.
They will definitely be playing at Bamboozle.
This Sunday they compete again for the chance to play the main stage,
opening for Bon Jovi! I am very excited for them.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 2

Sunday Brunch

Saturday was my best friend Kaitlin's birthday.
To celebrate she gathered a group of friends for brunch.
We met at Poco in the East Village at 2pm.
They offer an all you can drink brunch for $25
so it was somewhat fitting to throw a celebration there.
Drink prices can creep up on you quickly in the city
where standard drink prices range from $12 to $16.
It was nice to finally get to meet all of her friends 
and coworkers that up until then I had only heard about.

Before heading over to brunch,
JD and I took a walk over to Tory Burch in the meatpacking
so I could take advantage of the 25% off sale they were having.
I ended up getting cute flats that of course were not included in the sale.
Then we took a walk along the river to snap some pictures.
Top: Aerie (last seen here), Demin: American Eagle,
Purse: Chloe, Sunnies: Ray Ban, Shoes: J. Crew
Necklace: Borrowed from Mom.
 My cute photographer!

Fun side story.
On Saturday, JD and I did a little shopping.
I convinced him that he needed red pants.
I recently bought a pair myself but haven't worn them yet.
I think he looks really cute in them.

I wonder how long before he demands I take this picture down.
My bet is on noon. :)

Tuesday, May 1

Date Night

Since Italy, JD and I haven't really gone out to eat too much.
It's been nice to stay in and cook and keep costs down since one of us
lost her mind in Celine and nearly blew our summer plans 
of possibly acquiring a small sailboat.

Saturday evening we went to dinner at Tiny's, which was 
coincidentally appropriate because it just so happens to be owned by 
Henrik Lundqvist and JD had been to the Rangers game earlier in the day.
(Incase you do not know, the Rangers won the game)

Tiny's was absolutely adorable.
We arrived a little early for our reservation so we went
to The Bar Upstairs. Yes, that's really what it's called!
The drinks were delicious. We both had Dark and Stormys
and discovered that ours aren't quite the same since we
haven't been adding mashed up ginger and lime.

We were seated upstairs for dinner as well.
There are only handful of tables upstairs and the chairs look like 
they may have been repurposed from grade schools classrooms.
It does make for some interesting people watching.
Take a glance around the room and you're bound to notice
that average sized people look a bit silly sitting on such tiny chairs.
But hey, the place is called "Tiny's" so I guess it makes sense.

We sat against the window under an old tin ceiling with peeling paint.
The walls were exposed brick and painted white. I loved it.
I'm a sucker for old buildings, it's the history major in me.

The food was delicious!
JD had the hanger steak with spinach and potatoes.
I ordered the homemade vermicelli with pesto and potatoes
and desperately tried not to splatter it all over my pretty white top.

You'll be happy to know that I was successful at this.
Maybe it's just me but I tend to get a little paranoid when I'm wearing white. 
I'm the one who usually gets something spilled on. 
The last time I wore this top, a friend spilled a glass
of scotch on my lap and the pleating at the bottom of my shirt.

For dessert we shared a carrot cheesecake with 
elderflower infused whipped cream. It was amazing.

Bottom line,
if you should find yourself in TriBeCa,
you should visit pay Tiny's a visit!
My view from the window.
My cute dinner companion :)
My outfit.

Top: Reiss, Pants, Shoes, and Bracelet: J. Crew
Nails: Essie's Mint Candy Apple