Monday, April 30


This month went by too quickly.
I feel like I didn't do very much, or take very many pictures.
Most of the pictures we took were of flowers.

Some things that happened this month.
JD and I went on a picnic.
 The tree in my front yard bloomed.
We discovered a little game called Draw Something,
and subsequently, how awful I am at drawing with my finger.
We did some experimenting with the 40mm lens.
And I took the puppy on a car ride in the car seat my mother bought for her.
She was not very happy about it. While she enjoyed looking out the window,
she was not too fond of being strapped in to a comfy bed-like contraption.

We also got to see a lot of friends we haven't seen in a long time.
Of course I didn't bother to take pictures of those fun get-togethers.

All in all I would say that it was a good month.
I hope that April went just as well for you!

Friday, April 27

Puppy Friday

Friday is the most dangerous day of the week at my office.

Every Friday, the news station that works out of the first floor of
my building does a segment on a local animal shelter.
The shelter brings in a few pups to be featured,
and it is all anyone can do but try not to take one home.
Many of my coworkers have resorted to using the back door
to avoid all of the cuteness in the lobby.
I call it "Puppy Friday".

It's wonderful if you can adopt a pet from a shelter,
they need good homes and I wish that I could help them all.
But we already have two puppies at home,
and they are quite the troublemakers.
They like to redecorate the living room while we're out,
meaning that we come home and all of the pillows and blankets
have been pushed onto the floor, their places on the couches
having been replaced by squeakies and bones.
Mischa in her bed with her toys all lined up.

This morning I got to pet the sweetest St. Bernard mix.
He was five months old with huge paws and already bigger than Paisley
(my sister's cute American Bulldog). He tried to follow me
up the stairs to the second floor when I left.
My heart broke a little.

This weekend is one of my best friend's birthdays
so it will be filled with fun birthday festivities including
a brunch on Sunday. I cannot wait!

Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, April 26

What I Wore: Sunny Afternoon

Another casual look that I attempted to dress up with patent wedges and a lace top.
I should really get over this whole "wearing jeans is exciting" thing I've gotten into
and start wearing dresses and skirts again. Luckily, I won't have to worry about that
for too much longer since consistent warm weather should technically be arriving soon.
Cardigan: Madewell, Top: State & Lake, Denim: AE,
Handbag: Celine, Shoes: J. Crew, Sunnies: Ray Ban

PS. I just these shoes on sale last week at J.Crew. 
They are still listed at full price online. So if you are interested in them
I would recommend checking out the store first.

Wednesday, April 25

A friendly reminder

Yesterday morning a song I used to know popped into my head
 out of the blue on my ride to work. It wasn't a popular song,
but back in the day my friends and I knew it well.
I haven't listened to it in years. But then there it was.
At first only my favorite verse came back to me,
and I sat there wondering where I knew it from,
and why it suddenly came to me.

I guess it reminded me of The Hunger Games.
I've been flying through the second book,
and was thinking of Katniss' current predicament,
which I will not spoil for those of you who haven't read it
just yet but may intend to in the future.
I have a feeling that I know exactly where the story is going, 
but you never know, now do you? Not until you get to the end.
Regardless, I don't like knowing what is going to happen next
in a story and it was bugging me a little.
So yes, I was thinking about it on my way in to work.

Throughout the day, little pieces of the song filtered in
from my memories. I could identify the band it was by,
(Brand New) but I didn't want to resort to google just yet.
I thought that maybe if I remembered enough of the words
that I could figure it out on my own.

At the end of the day I still hadn't figured it out,
though I did remember most of the lyrics and
to my surprise they actually go quite well with the story.
Then I remembered that often, Brand New songs
do not include the title of the song in the lyrics,
or make very much sense at all.

So I broke down and resorted to google.
The song is called "The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot".

Just a friendly reminder that you're getting older.
(or that you should exercise your brain a bit more)
Something pops into your head and you spend the entire day
trying to figure out what the hell it is before you have to 
cave and consult "the google".

Aging is a funny thing,
it's like they say in Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen,
and I am going to paraphrase so please excuse me.

When you are a kid you know your age down to the day.
You're six and three quarters.
The older you get, the more thought goes into it.

Tuesday, April 24

Favorite Shoes

When I have a favorite, it's usually very obvious.
I don't exactly make a secret of it, unless it is something I can't get very often 
or food... like the case of Old Jamaica ginger beer that is currently hiding in my living room.
My favorite shoes are a different story. I've worn them so many times
(every day last Spring and all Fall) that it wouldn't be unreasonable 
to assume that they are the only shoes I own,
which of course, is not the truth.

Sometime last Spring I received an e-mail from Rag & Bone like any other,
except this advertisement was about these boots. It was obsession at first sight. 
I received the e-mail on a Tuesday and was wearing them by Saturday afternoon.
They had just come in and the sales girl had to go fish them out of the stock room,
they hadn't even made it into the shop yet.

I wear these boots with everything from jeans to dresses.
They are unbelievably comfortable to be in all day
and they've held up very well for all of the walking they've done.
I dread the day when they will need to be re-soled.

The second the weather started getting warmer I took them out again.
(I had to drawn the line at Fall so I didn't destroy them in the salt and ice of Winter)
Saturday was a perfect Spring day, sunny and warm with a light breeze.
I kept it very simple and matched my cardigan to the gray strap on the boots.

Cardigan: Zara (old), Tank: J. Crew, Denim: American Eagle,
Handbag: Celine, Sunnies: Ray Ban, Shoes: Rag & Bone

Monday, April 23


Friday night JD and I continued watching Lost
and ate our weight in peanut butter cups from Trader Joe's.
I love their chocolate. The milk chocolate truffle bar is so delicious!

Saturday we slept in a bit and walked around the village.
Since it was so nice out (70 degrees and sunny!) we decided to have drinks outside.
One of the things I miss about Italy is the abundance of cute little wine bars
to sit and have a snack and a glass of wine in the afternoon.
Luckily for us, Manhattan doesn't seem to have a 
shortage of cute places with outdoor seating. 
We settled on a Mexican place that we walk by all the time,
but when we got there our street view was obstructed by the crew trucks for Californication.
I still think the movie/television sets are exciting to walk by,
but JD is more frustrated by them than impressed.
They often shoot Law & Order in his neighborhood and by his school.
A few weeks ago they had the front entrance blocked off causing him to be late to class.

Saturday evening we had our friend Kaitlin over for dinner.
JD and I made a delicious white fish with orange, lemon, and butter,
and served it with risotto and eggplant cooked in cinnamon and clove.
Kaitlin took this lovely picture of the table.

Sunday morning/afternoon we watched a couple more episodes of Lost... 
we are addicted, and ordered falafels to be delivered since it had started raining.
Both of us feel incredibly guilty and lazy for doing so.

In the evening I went to see my cousin's band play a show in Farmingdale.
They are competing to open for Bon Jovi at this year's Bamboozle.
These guys are so talented. Their band is called This Good Robot.
Check them out here if you like.

I hope that you had a happy weekend!

Friday, April 20

The Hunger Games

Happy Friday!!!

I don't know about you,
but I am certainly ready for this week to be over.
I've been extremely busy all week.

One thing I have found some time to do is read.
I love to read. But I haven't found a book I've been interested in in a long time.
The last book I forced myself to read was The Paris Wife.
It had been recommended to me, had rave reviews
and made the New York Times Best Sellers list.
I trusted these opinions and began reading.
It started nice enough but got ugly pretty quickly.
Who wants to read about a relationship falling apart
in one of the most unpleasant ways?
I seriously had to force myself to finish it.

A few weeks ago I saw The Hunger Games.
(I'm aware that it is a little late for a post on this, 
but I've decided to jump on the bandwagon anyway)
While I liked the movie, I felt that it was missing something.
I didn't fully understand what was going on and I completely
missed there part where there was supposed to be a love triangle.
So this week I read the book... I have one chapter left to go.
I tend to do that with books that I really like. 
I blow through them and then stretch the ending out 
for a long as possible because I don't want to let go of the story.
Yesterday, I ordered the next two books.
And today during lunch, I plan to finish the last chapter.

Reading The Hunger Games has been very helpful for understanding the movie.
I now have a good sense of why things were shot the way they were.
The acting, general plot line, the flashbacks, all of it makes sense now.
Not that I had a terrible amount of trouble grasping the plot line in the first place.
But when a book is heavily based on the narration of the main character,
you hear every thought that passes through Katniss' head,
it can be difficult to bring to life on the screen.
You know, because the actress must keep up Katniss' unreadable expression
while also convincing the audience that she is having all of these internal conflicts.
That was mostly what I missed in the movie.
I could only guess how she was feeling since I didn't know.

I would definitely like to go and watch the movie again,
see if I like it better with the additional information.
I bet I would.

Did you see the movie and/or read the book?
What did you think?

Wednesday, April 18


Two weekends ago JD and I started re-watching the first season of Lost.

JD and I were big fans while the show was on and
quite obviously, we had a lot of questions.
Like clockwork every week, someone would yell 
"I hate this show" at the tv by the second commercial break.

I was convinced halfway through that the writers had no idea what they were doing.
This show could not possibly be going in any sort of direction, could it?
For months following the series finale, I was still trying to make sense of it all.
You know, you get hung up on the little things. Like the polar bear for example.

Going back and re-watching it, 
knowing what happens throughout the story and how it ends,
you start to wonder why you were so confused in the first place.
The amount of foreshadowing is ridiculous,
but I suppose that we didn't know it was foreshadowing at the time.

In the second episode, John Locke holds up two backgammon pieces,
one white, one black and explains to Walt that it is
a five-thousand year old game between dark and light.
In the second episode, John Locke sums up the entire plot of the series.
Then, a few episodes later, they find similar pieces in the pocket of "Eve".
And we were too distracted by polar bears and smoke monsters
 and Sawyer hoarding everything to notice.
I'm very interested to see how many "unanswered questions"
we will have once we finish the first season.
I have a feeling we'll be smacking our hands to our heads,
saying something along the lines of, "Really?! Were we even paying attention?"
And the sad answer will be yes because 
back in college we watched Lost in perfect silence.

Tuesday, April 17

What I Wore to the Arboretum

It's always difficult for me to get dressed when I have no idea what I'm going to be doing.
I'm one of those girls who really likes to be appropriately dressed for the occasion.
This is what I ended up putting together for Saturday's visit to the Bayard Cutting Arboretum.
And of course, the only semi-decent photo of my outfit includes me pulling on a tree.
Shirt: Aerie, Pants: J. Crew, Shoes: Ralph Lauren, 
Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Purse: Celine, Belt: ASOS

Monday, April 16

Bayard Cutting Arboretum

This weekend we did a lot of catching up with friends we haven't seen in a while.
It was a nice change a pace, and definitely good to see everyone. :)

On Saturday, JD surprised me by packing a picnic 
and taking me to the Bayard Cutting Arboretum in Great River.
The manor house was absolutely gorgeous, tudor style,
with a big wooden staircase, just like in the old Carnegie mansion (Cooper Hewitt).
The grounds were equally as lovely, with a variety of trees stretching
along the Connetquot River, as well a wildflower garden.
Unfortunately, it was still a little early for some of the flowers,
but there was a good amount in bloom.
A perfectly lovely Saturday afternoon.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well! :)

Friday, April 13

What I Wore: Friday

My office used to be very casual,
the kind of place where jeans and a simple t shirt would suffice.
Being the girl that I am, a girl who wore dresses to kindergarten 
every day because I refused to wear pants,
(I was finally swayed when it got too cold to stand at the bus stop in tights)
I dressed up for work anyway.
Then last summer (or fall?) they changed our dress code, eliminating jeans.
At first I didn't care, I wasn't wearing it every day anyway.
But after a while I started to miss my ability to wear jeans to work,
most likely just because I knew that I couldn't.
And let's face it, jeans are easy. They go with just about anything.
So now, we have casual Fridays.
And I get ridiculously excited to wear jeans to work,
which I am going to use as an excuse for why
all of the looks I've posted on here include me wearing jeans. :)
Cardigan: Vera Wang for Kohls, Tank: Victoria's Secret, 
Denim: American Eagle (surprised?), Shoes: Rag & Bone (Spring 2011)

Tuesday, April 10


Not much has been going on around here lately.

The weekend before last JD and I found a British imports store on Hudson 
that sells Old Jamaica ginger beer. We bought a case. :)
I'm beyond excited about it!

This past weekend I bought a life jacket for the kayak, and sailing.
Picking one was quite a process. If you are going to spend the money,
you should get something that is perfect, exactly what you're looking for right?
We went to three stores to look. After the first store I had an idea of what I wanted.
By the second store I was certain. I wanted a side zip vest designed for a lady.
At the first two stores I had tried on ladies front zip vests by Stohlquist.
I really liked how they fit and they have built in cups so it doesn't squash you,
but I had trouble with the front zip. Personally, I find the side zip easier.
By the time we got to the third store I think JD was a little tired of it.
The shop had side zip vests for men, but none for ladies.
The gentleman who was helping us said that he could order 
a vest for me if they didn't carry it in the store.
The only problem was that we were starting to doubt whether 
what I wanted existed or not. It wasn't looking good.

When we got home I googled.
Apparently, ladies do not like side zip life jackets because they mess up their hair.
Stohlquist stopped making the vest I wanted in 2010 because ladies
decided they would rather deal with a front zip than knock out their ponytail.
Go figure.

I found a shop in Washington that still carries the vest.
And it was on sale :)

It should be here by the end of the week.

Monday, April 9


I came across this quote the other day, loved it,
and thought it was worth sharing.

I hope that you had a lovely Easter!

Wednesday, April 4

Spring Beauty Favorites

My makeup routine is fairly simple,
Every day I wear a little eyeliner, mascara, and blush,
and before discovering Lorac's Unzipped eyeshadow palette, 
I would occasionally wear eyeshadow. 
Oh how things have changed.
I am obsessed with this eyeshadow palette.

Lately, I have been changing my routine a bit,
adding bronzer and lipstick, and painting my nails
colors that remind me of warmer weather.

Some of my favorite things...
I've been obsessed with shades of mint this season.
My nails are currently this color :)

I really like this bronzer. It isn't too harsh 
or obvious looking on my pale skin.

This has to be the most moisturizing lipstick I've ever used.
It has decent staying power and smells amazing.

I love this nail polish so much it's embarrassing. 
The bright color is a nice reminder that warm weather is on the way.

I think I've used this palette every day since purchasing it in February.
These eyeshadows stay on all day without creasing,
and the colors are so lovely.

Tuesday, April 3

What I Wore: The Roman Forum & Colosseum

The weather in Rome was a little colder than we anticipated.
Durng the day it was cold enough that you needed a jacket when not in the sun,
at night it got cold enough for my winter coat.

The day we visited the Roman Forum and Colosseum I wanted to wear 
a blouse that I refer to as my "safari top" but it was a little cold on its own
so I added a cardigan over it and took a light jacket 
which is not really visible in this picture.

Cardigan: J. Crew
Shirt: Marc by March Jacobs
Denim: American Eagle
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Bag: Mulberry
Shoes: Sperry

Monday, April 2

The time I temporarily lost my mind

I think I may have temporarily lost my mind in Florence.
I had never been in a Celine shop before.
Last summer I tried to go to the one and only one uptown but it wasn't there. 
The address listed had been converted into something else.
So we cut our loses, most likely had lunch at Alice's Tea Cup,
and headed back downtown.

When we left for Italy, I told JD that should we find a Celine shop, it will be trouble.
Our hotel in Florence had free wireless so I checked their website
and low and behold there was a shop right there in Florence on Via Tornabouni.
The next day we tried to find it but walked in the opposite direction.
The following day we found it around noon after visiting the Duomo.
A group of ladies were huddled around the counter when we walked in.
Four white dust bags sat on the counter next to a black mini luggage bag.
One of them was on the phone with a friend who desperately wanted it.
The man said that they had just arrived in that morning and hadn't had
the chance to put them out on the showroom floor yet.
Then he unwrapped the rest of them and moved them to a table.
I was busy looking at a mushroom colored nano
when I turned around and noticed the bright poppy colored bag.

Naturally, I spent the next 30 minutes debating what to do.
The bag is quite large for me, and the color is so bold. 
It would be a big statement.

After much deliberation, and a glass of water,
I decided to take the opportunity and get the bag.
The rest of the day was spent asking myself if I was some kind of idiot.

This Saturday was the first day I took it out.
An awful, cloudy and cold day in New York.
What better way to remind myself that it is actually Spring
than with one of my favorite colors, poppy red.

First let me say that I was unaware of the hype surrounding this purse.
I first saw it on a blog in a brown color and thought it was cute.
That was the extent of my knowledge.
Scowls and stunned looks followed me through the afternoon.
One woman even stopped while crossing the street to turn around and gawk at it.
It wasn't until our very last stop that I understood why.
A man working in the shop we were in ran over to me to ask if it really was the red Celine bag.
He then informed me that it hasn't been released in the US yet as it is
horribly backordered, is one of the most sought after colors,
 and referred to it as liquid gold hanging from my arm.

So here it is, my very first Celine bag.
Mini Luggage in Vermilion :)
it looks a little orange in this light but it's much more red in person!
And to think, I was nervous about having a bright red purse,
that it might look a bit ridiculous.