Saturday, March 31


March blew by quickly.
I guess that happens when you spend the majority of the month on vacation.
It's hard to believe that tomorrow starts April.

My month in photos.

Thursday, March 29

Photos from Firenze

Florence was an entirely different experience than Venice.
Here we took a lot less pictures of buildings and more of
the sweeping cities views from the tops of the surrounding hills.
Part of San Miniato al Monte.
View from San Miniato al Monte.
View from the Boboli Gardens.
The Duomo, of course. 
You can see it from almost every point in the city!
I really enjoyed our time in Florence,
but I do wish that we had taken a little day trip to Siena.
Perhaps the next time I find myself in Italy.

Tuesday, March 27

Silly Birds

Last Thurdsay morning, the day after my mother left for Italy,
(she is currently on the same trip I just returned from!)
I had just finished my shower and went to go downstairs
when I heard a knocking sound coming from downstairs.
Mischa, the courageous beast that she is wouldn't go 
any further than the first step on the staircase.
I listened again and could still hear it. 
It wasn't a constant sound, it stopped and started again.
 One thud at a time, with almost an echo after impact.
Like knocking on the glass of a storm window.

Curiously, I went into the kitchen and looked around.
With another thud my attention was pulled to the dining room.
And there it was, fluttering in the window, a little brown body
with a peach belly furiously attacking it's reflection in the glass.

Last Spring/Summer we had a problem where a robin had
seen his reflection in the glass of the dining room window and 
became obsessed with banishing his intruder from the area.
Once he got tired of defending the dining room,
he moved to the tree out front and smacked
into the passenger side window of my car a few times.
And now he is back to reclaim his space.

Apparently, this is quite common.
Though sad, because sometimes these crazy birds 
have been known to die in the process.

This weekend was very busy, mostly spent running around.
Saturday morning I made french toast with cinnamon bread
from the Milleridge Bakery, so delicious!

Then we went to pick up my new, old kayak!
JD's mom was kind enough to donate this one to me
since they have several others and haven't used this one in a while.
I cannot wait to get this thing in the water!

Saturday, March 24

Oh look, a fish!

The morning of the day we left for Italy I went to the bookstore
and bought a little poppy red moleskine to bring with me to record our trip.
As a writer, it's always good to have a notebook on hand 
to capture any ideas that come to mind.
And since I somehow managed to soak my last notebook,
it was the perfect excuse to get a new one.

So therefore, I managed to capture this little gem from our first night in Venice.

9 March 2012
On our walk back to the hotel after stopping on the Academia Bridge 
to admire the beauty of the city JD stopped and said "Oh look, a fish!"
I stopped and peeked over the low railing to find a furry rat 
with a long wire of a tail swimming at quite an impressive speed.
"No, that's a rat!" I informed him. JD didn't believe me.
"Well, it is shaped like a rat, has a long tail like a rat... 
It is either a small crocodile head or a rat."

Naturally, we turned to follow it down the canal for a bit until we lost sight of it 
after it went under a bridge and ducked behind a boat parked against the side.
JD leaned against the railing, craning to see if it had continued on down the canal 
without us seeing, but it was nowhere to be found.

Venice at night.
Don't worry, there are no rats to be found here.

Wednesday, March 21

Venice in Photos

We took a lot of pictures in Venice.
A lot is an understatement.

Here are just a few of my favorites.

Tuesday, March 20

Ginger Beer and Jet Lag

JD and I have been having a rough time readjusting to the time change.
We landed, got through passport control and customs,
and picked up our baggage with a good amount of focus.
Then the second I got into the car I swear it was like my brain melted.

Yesterday, JD tried to use his metro card to swipe into school.
I walked into the grandfather clock in the hallway of my house.
It has been there for at least seven years.
I don't know why I am admitting to this.

Clearly we have not been having our most shining moments since returning.
Today has been much less zombie like, which I find encouraging.

The day we left for Venice I met JD for lunch.
We went to a really cute place called Bubby's near his school in Tribeca.
I believe I had some sort of a club sandwich with vegetable matchstick fries.
All I really remember of it was chicken, avocado, and bacon.
But the absolute best part of the entire meal was the ginger beer.
They make their own in house.

I am a huge fan of ginger beer.
All of a sudden I feel like it's everywhere,
but for the last several years I could only find it while in Tortola.
The day we go on the boat, Captain Steve stocks it for us.
It's called Old Jamaica and it's so strong it makes me sneeze.
I've tried a few other brands but none of them make me sneeze.
Apparently, I think sneezing is the mark of a good ginger beer.

The ginger beer at Bubby's was amazing, it made me sneeze
and they served it in a ball jar with a blue and white striped paper straw.
They do the same for their dark and stormy (ginger beer + spiced rum).
I am almost done sorting through my photos from Venice.
With any luck they should be up tomorrow! :)

Monday, March 19

Back in the US!

Hello there!
JD and I arrived back in New York yesterday.
Italy was absolutely amazing.
We had a really great time.
It's hard to believe how quickly it went by.

I have lots of stories and photos to share,
and maybe even a few outfit posts.
We took 1648 pictures, at least 50 of them must be of birds.
I haven't really gone through them just yet,
needless to say they need to be sorted.

A quick little glimpse..

Today, I am unpacking and doing laundry, 
running errands and trying my best to stay awake until at least 8pm.