Wednesday, February 29


February was a very quiet month.
And apparently, I didn't take very many pictures.

Oh, and Happy Leap Day! 

Monday, February 27

A Day at the Beach

There comes a point in time every Winter when I say enough is enough
and start dressing for the season I want it to be, Spring.
As February winds down I have been gravitating towards bright colors,
though I don't think my coworkers are ready for that much poppy red just yet.

On Sunday, I suggested that we drive out to the beach,
very much aware that it would be terribly windy and not very warm.
We wouldn't be able to stand it for very long.

But as I walked across the sand I thought of how come July,
I'll think of a cold day like this as the soles of my feet burn on the hot sand
and the sun beats down on my back without the slightest sea breeze for relief
and wish, for just a second, that it would be cold again, like it is today.

So I pulled my hair back into a low bun and put on my big Tom Ford sunglasses, 
wrapped a scarf around my neck, and asked JD if I looked like Grace Kelly.
A girl can dream, right?

Wednesday, February 22

Weekend Wine Tasting

Before this past weekend I had never been wine tasting before.
I've been to vineyards and wineries, but never for a tasting.
During the winter, in order to get people out to the vineyards,
several vineyards have jazz bands come perform for a few hours on the weekends.
They call it "Jazz on the Vine".

We tried two places on Saturday,
Laurel Lake Vineyard and Castello di Borghese.

I realized while at Laurel Lake that I have actually tried their wines before.
Their Cabernet Franc is pretty nice as is the Syrah.
The jazz band was set up on an enclosed deck in the back.
A lot of people brought cheeses, breads, and crackers.
I wish that I had thought to bring some with me.
We left the gouda and goat cheese I packed for the trip at the hotel.

On a side note, my friend Dee recently discovered that Trader Joe's carries
vanilla goat cheese smothered in wild blueberries.

Castello di Borghese was a completely different experience.
They had a large room filled with chairs set up around the jazz band.
A much older crowd than Laurel Lake but the band was amazing!
All photos were taken at Laurel Lake.

Tuesday, February 21

Winter Wardrobe Staples

I figured that since every time I post a photo of myself outside,
which is pretty often given that we don't seem 
to be doing a lot of indoor activities this winter,
(It's been warm here, can you blame us?)
that I should do an outfit post for the ensemble 
you are most likely to see me in.

 Burberry Coat
I've wanted a Burberry trench for a long time but with New York's lack of seasons
I thought it would be better to invest in a winter coat.

Mulberry Handbag
This Alexa bag is my go to handbag for travel. The flap and buckle can be a bit of a pain,
but it fits anything I could possibly need and has the option to be worn hands free.

American Eagle Jeans
What can I say? I really love the fit of American Eagle jeans.
Plus, they are reasonably priced.

Frye Boots
These Dorado Riding boots were on my wish list for years. 
I finally bought them after finding them on sale this past fall!

Ray Ban Sunglasses
Wayfarers look good on everyone, end of story.

Monday, February 20

Weekend View: Greenport, NY

This weekend JD surprised me with a trip to Greenport!
Greenport is a sweet little summer town on the North Fork of Long Island.
We went ice skating in the center of town, watched the 167th annual President's Day parade,
 and had our ice skates photographed by the reporters covering the parade.
We left them resting against a nearby bench as we stood to watch the parade.
JD has played ice hockey all his life, he could be a professional speed skater
so naturally, I spent most of the morning hanging on to him for dear life.
So much for those childhood ice skating lessons.
Fire Departments from all over the island participated in the parade.
A few even brought their really cool old trucks and cars.
I would have been worried had he not climbed to the edge of the dock.
I may not be able to buy new clothes until April,
yes that challenge is still happening,
but a little window shopping never hurts. :)

Photos from Saturday's wine tasting adventure to come!

I hope that you had a lovely weekend!

Sunday, February 19

Aero Caramel

This weekend was absolutely amazing, 
but I think I'll save that story for tomorrow.
JD really outdid himself this weekend,
and I actually needed most items on that list.
I was very surprised.
Though, not as surprised as he was by my little gift.
I'm really good at gift giving. I love it. 
I love surprising the people I love
and seeking out the perfect gift.

I thought a lot about what to get JD for Valentine's Day.
Neither of us are very much into the holiday so we usually keep it very low-key.
This year we agreed to do small gifts, with a price limit of $50.
Good thing we both stuck to that... 
For part of my gift I got him Frye boots, but he knew about those.
The other part deserves a little bit of an explanation.

Last February, JD and I visited London.
I can't remember when or where that we first discovered Aero Caramel,
but it would be a safe bet to guess that it was either at 
the little shop by our hotel in Earl's Court or 
the newsstand outside of the Embankment tube stop.
Regardless, it quickly became our favorite candy
and I ended up carrying it around with me everywhere we went 
incase JD got hungry before I was ready to stop for lunch.
Unfortunately, we did not take enough home with us, and it's not sold here in the US.
So as a special surprise, I had it shipped from England!

I had tricked him into thinking that I bought him a pair of suspenders.
I even pretended to let the secret slip in the car on the way to our secret destination
I'm that good.
He was very surprised. :)

Thursday, February 16


This is hardly new to anyone but me,
I am completely aware of that.
But, I have recently become obsessed with Pinterest!

Since I am also obsessed with fashion,
and we are in the midst of New York fashion week,
and no one pays me to cover the shows
(which would be an absolute dream)
I have been using Pinterest to share my favorites.

A few looks I've pinned so far...
Tory Burch 
This coat is so lovely. Perfect for a New York winter.
J. Mendel
I don't know what it is about fur that draws me in so much.
This is my absolute favorite look so far.
Tracy Reese 
I could easily see myself walking around in this outfit.
Tory Burch
A sparkly top with a drop waist, need I say more?
J. Mendel
So gorgeous, this would be lovely on a red carpet.
Marchesa reminded me a little of Alexander McQueen this year.
Very pretty regardless, I love the gold embellishments on this dress!

To see more, click on the Pinterest icon to the right

Wednesday, February 15

Guest Post: JD

Today is a big day, JD is guest posting!
I figured that since he is involved in pretty much every story,
that he should introduce himself.


Hi, I'm JD.

Considering I come up quite a bit on here I thought it might be fun to
introduce myself... myself. I am JD, Lyndsay's boyfriend and aside
from joining her on the many adventures discussed here I like to have
a few of my own. I am a law student in New York City and while that is
an experience all on its own it is not particularly interesting to
read about. If I have learned anything in the past few years about
leading a healthy lifestyle it is the value of balancing your
professional and personal lives. I truly enjoy the law but love to get
away. I surf, climb, snowboard and generally try all sorts of fun
stuff in between. Those hobbies have a nice feature of resulting in
pictures and I though a video I put together of a recent trip to the
White Mountains in New Hampshire would be better than any introduction
I could author.

Tuesday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

For the past six years,  JD and I have opted for low key Valentine's Day celebrations.
A few weeks ago, we discussed what we should do this year.
Since we couldn't be together today, we are making a weekend out of it.
As previously mentioned, we have a big trip to Italy coming up next month,
so we are trying to save money.

I suggested a nice little trip to a museum.

Today I received an e-mail with a list of things that I should pack for this weekend.

JD's Weekend Packing Guide:
Picnic Basket
Dinner outfit
Daytime outfit, comfortable for walking around
Bathing suit
A second nighttime or transitional outfit
Comfortable shoes
Ice skates
Hat and gloves
A book
Cheese and crackers
Camera and lenses

Snowshoes apparently did not make the cut.
I know for a fact that most of these things are on there to mislead me...
(i.e. ice skates, bathing suit, book)
I do admire how he is making be pack my own snacks though. :)
Regardless, I am very excited to see what he has planned.

I hope that you are enjoying your Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 13

Rainbow Cookies

This weekend JD and I made rainbow cookies!
It was quite a long project but the results were delicious.
Unfortunately, I cannot share the recipe on here as it's a secret.
But, if you would like the recipe feel free to e-mail me
at and I'll gladly send it.

Oh and you might have noticed that things look a little different around here...
Do you like it?