Tuesday, January 31


A little recap of the month.

Tortola. New York. Boston.
It's been a busy month filled with beaches,
brunches, desserts, and snow!

Definitely a nice start to 2012.

Monday, January 30

Elie Saab

I am obsessed with Elie Saab's Spring 2012 Couture Collection.
There is no other way to say it.

His dresses are just so lovely. 
One thing that I particularly admire about Mr. Saab's designs
are that they all feature sparkly beading or sequins,
yet they look amazingly elegant and classic.

A little disclaimer:
I am not a huge fan of sparkly outfits,
I tend to feel like a fool in them.

Some of my favorites...
 Such a lovely color. 
 If I were a celebrity stylist, and sometimes I think I very well should be,
I would put of of my clients in this dazzling little number.
 Reminds me of Grace Kelly in High Society.
Perfect for a garden party.
(all photos via style.com) 

If Moda Operandi has an Elie Saab sale, someone please, hide my credit cards.

Sunday, January 29

Weekend View

Friday evening JD and I hosted a few friends for a Wine and Cheese party. 
We served and ate a ridiculous amount of cheese, along with spinach puffs,
crab dip, chick pea salad, and assorted veggies.

Saturday we picked up pastries from Claude's, this wonderful little French bakery, for breakfast
and invented a new breakfast cocktail by mixing mango juice with champagne.
It was quite a nice twist on the traditional mimosa.

 A nice quiet day spent around JD's apartment.

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Thursday, January 26

Kale Chips

Last winter I met up with friends at a little Italian restaurant called Emporio in Nolita.
I ordered a kale and squash salad and haven't stopped talking about it since.
At the time I had absolutely no idea what kale was.
Oh how times have changed. It's absolutely everywhere now! 

As I am trying to eat healthier in 2012, I thought kale would be a good food to revisit.
Plus, I have heard way too much about how amazing kale chips are and needed to try them.
So tonight I made kale chips. They are insanely easy to make.

All you need is:
1 bunch of kale
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon salt (or to taste)

Preheat the oven to 300°, toss the olive oil and salt with the kale, lay them out on a baking sheet
and pop them in the oven for twenty minutes.
Boom. Kale Chips. So Simple and very good for you!
about to be baked
all done!

Wednesday, January 25

Hair Repair

This is the story of how I ruined and repaired my hair.

Over the past couple of years I have done quite a bit of damage to my hair.
It's no secret, though it does pain me a little to admit.
You see, as a child, before experimenting with hair dye,
I had gorgeous natural red highlights that would cover my entire head in the summer.
I loved it, but they didn't last year round and in the winter, my hair seemed too dark, and brown.
Sometime in college I began dying my hair a medium auburn color.
JD didn't understand why I kept dying my hair "the same color it is naturally".
He thought it was silly, which it was, but I was still adding color to it.

My hair was smooth, shiny, heavy, and heathly. 
It was stick straight, occaisionally drying with a little wave,
and frustratingly, it wouldn't hold a curl.
I was jealous of my roommate Kaitlin's ability to curl her gorgeous long blond hair.
To this day, her hair still holds curls, without any hairspray, overnight.
I am so amazed by this. Her hair is just lovely.

After college I decided to go lighter and lighter with my color 
and eventually reached a light copper red.
On my way to Hogwarts at Kings Cross in London last February.
JD and I waiting for the ferry on Fire Island this past summer.
 London was a wakeup call.
My hair behaved so badly with all of the wet weather, something it never used to do.
It was difficult to control, dry, brittle, and entirely disgusting.
What had I done?
Once I returned the problems stayed with me.
I started using hair masques and heat protecting styling products and decided that at the end of the summer I would dye my hair back to brown much to my stylist's dismay. 
Poor Arthur was very upset with me.
After dying my hair back to a medium brown, I began using Living Proof's Restore Shampoo, Conditioner, and Mask out of desparation.
The system is supposed to restore your damaged hair to "virgin hair",  
meaning hair before it had ever been exposed to heat styling or dye. 
I would have tried anything to fix my hair and this seemed like a miracle treatment. 
It has taken a while, as I had done quite a considerable amount of damage to my hair.
 This stuff has been an absolute savior! 
I am extremely thrilled to say that earlier this week,
 I curled the ends of my hair (think Kate Middleton) and by lunchtime it was almost pin straight. 
(On a side-note, my super damaged hair was holding a curl so this is big news.)
I know it seems a bit odd to be so happy to have flat hair, 
but for me, it means a step in a better, more healthy direction.

Monday, January 23

Weekend View: Snow Day

It snowed for the first time this winter on Saturday!
Mischa couldn't wait to get outside.
Really, I think she just likes wearing a coat.
This dog will do anything if you say she looks pretty.
Saturday night JD and I visited our friends Bobby and Caryn,
where we ate (too much) chocolate fondue.
Pretzels, bananas, strawberries, cream puffs, rice crispy treats, 
angel food cake, biscotti, and individual bowls of mini marshmallows.
So delicious. We need one of those things asap.

Sunday was quiet.
I worked on learning to speak another language 
(one of my resolutions for 2012)
thanks to Rosetta Stone and enjoyed the snow.
I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Saturday, January 21

What I Wore: Casual Friday

Blazer: Zara
Top: The Black Dog
Denim: American Eagle
Shoes: BCBG

Yesterday I opted for a more casual look. It was Friday after all.
I dressed up a casual t-shirt and jeans with
nude suede BCBG heels and a navy blazer from Zara.

Friday, January 20

A Mascara Story

Something I didn't get to do in Boston this past weekend was visit the mall at Copley Place.
Yes, I know, what you're thinking... who goes to Boston to go to the mall?
Especially when that someone is on a ban from shopping.

You see, they have a Sephora there, and my mascara supply is running dangerously low.
It's a special place, the Sephora in Copley Place. 
I bought my first Stila eyeshadow there when I was sixteen. 
It was a sweet pale pink color called "Cassia", named for the artist Mary Cassatt.
Yes, I remembered that thank you very much.
It only cost $16 dollars back then and my mother was outraged 
that I would spend so much on an eyeshadow.
We've come a long way since then. 
She has a small collecton of MAC eyeshadows in her makeup bag.

I'm a girl who has tried just about every mascara under the sun.
I loved Dior's MaximEyes but they discontinued it and I wasn't as in love with Dior Show.
Chanel's thin rubber brush was fantastic but the mascara ran at the first sign of moisture.
Yves Saint Laurent couldn't withstand the colder months and clumped. Givenchy got too flakey.
L'Oreal's Voluminous was always a good fall back 
but my eyelashes would still break when I removed it.

Finding the right mascara is a challenge.
What may work great for one girl can wreak havoc on another.
Everyone is different, everyone has different needs from their mascara.
My eyelashes are decent in length but could use more fullness,
and they're blond at the tips for some reason so a dark pigment is important.
When I voiced my concerns about my eyelashes breaking,
the sales girl suggested I try this new product that no one in the store had yet tried,
but it was supposed to be natural and good for breakage.
Why not give it a try? I had already tried everything else.

Tarte's Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara
It is an all natural mascara, without the harsh chemicals that cause lashes to dry out and break.
It's also not supposed to flake, which it hadn't done up until the other day.
As I said, I need a new tube. 

I have been using this mascara since last summer and I have noticed a significant improvement.
My lashes hardly ever break or fall out, even after sleeping with my makeup on,
which yes, I am aware of how terrible that is, but sometimes
 it's tough to stay awake through the entire movie.
JD saw Casablanca twice before I was able to make it to the end.
This mascara has excellent staying power.


This mascara has been working wonderfully for me.
I would definitely give it a try if you're in the market for a new one,
or just feeling adventurous.

Thursday, January 19


Boston is one of my favorite cities.
This past weekend, JD and I met up with a small group of friends from college in Boston.
Our friends, John and Alice, live in Boston and asked up to come up to go watch Northeastern play Boston College in ice hockey at Fenway. Frozen Fenway they called it. 
They created an ice rink in the middle of the field! 
All of the boys played hockey in college so we thought it would be a good group activity.
All I had to hear was Boston and it was done. I had the hotel booked within minutes.
I majored in history in college so Boston and all of it's wonderful history is a big draw for me.
I love the architecture, the brick streets, and the overall pleasant atmosphere of the city.
And it's small so you can walk from one end to the other in a half hour.
Friday night we met up for a late dinner and later found ourselves at a bar 
called Anchovies at the suggestion of the waiter at the restaurant. 
The bar was small and very narrow without much room to stand
 but the food smelled delicious wafting out of the kitchen in the back.
 We got into quite the situation at this place.... 
But that's it's own story.
Someone's actual doorknob. Gorgeous!
Saturday morning we got up early to wander around Beacon HIll, 
my favorite spot in all of Boston, before meeting up at Fire and Ice for lunch. 
I was extremely skeptical when we stepped inside,
the place looks like Nickelodeon threw up all over it,
but it ended up being pretty good.
After lunch, we headed back to the hotel to bundle up for the game. 
Then we went over to Boston Beerworks were everyone else attending the game
 had packed inside to drink the legendary blueberry beer with blueberries floating on top.
I had never been to Fenway before, so I was excited to see it. 
The stadium is old, with small wooden seats. 
And of course, we got into trouble here too. 
We were seated on the Northeastern side, 
so naturally, we were rooting for BC. 
That's always how it happens, isn't it.
Afterwards we headed back to the hotel to change into normal clothes and met for dinner at Zocalo.
The next morning JD and I walked back to Beacon Hill and had breakfast at the Paramount. 
My favorite restaurant in Boston. It's a little crazy how it works. 
(See my yelp review for more info!)
After breakfast, JD and I drove back to New York.
 I was sad to see the weekend end.
It was so nice to see everyone!