December 18, 2012

Weekend View

Friday evening, we spontaneously decided to head up to Boston.
JD has been busy with finals (his last one is this Friday) and needed
to get out of the city. Where better to go than my other favorite city?
I am in love with Boston, I really should have gone to school there.
And I think after this trip, JD has jumped on the band wagon.

While in town we visited with our friends Alice & John, explored
some areas of Boston that we haven't before, and learned that I am 
terrible at bowling. We went Saturday night with Alice, John, and
their friends from New Zealand. Seriously, I didn't think I would be
as terrible as I was. There was a half hour stretch where I may as
well have deposited the ball directly into gutter and pushed it down
the lane. It would have been less embarrassing.


  1. I've never been to Boston, but I've always wanted to go. The East Coast has such a great lifestyle. Thanks for the pictures and glad you had a great time!

    (And an early congrats to your boy for finishing up finals. I know how good that feels!)

  2. Beautiful photos! I would love to go there. xx

    - Victoria


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