December 12, 2012

The Christmas Tree

Found it!

Sunday morning we went out to get a Christmas tree for JD's apartment.
Tree shopping in Manhattan is interesting. Tree size and price appears to vary by neighborhood. 
In the fancier areas where apartments are much larger the trees that line the sidewalks are taller 
and significantly more expensive. Of course there are smaller trees available everywhere,
but they're not cheap either. The going rate in the West Village for a six foot tree is about $80 
if you go to any of the sidewalk set ups, in Tribeca it's $100 plus. When did trees get to be
so expensive? Shelling out $100 for a tree doesn't seem to fall within the spirit of Christmas.
After scouting, we ended up doing best by going to the market across the street.
The selection was more limited but prices were (a little more) fair. 
The taller trees were all the same price with the smaller trees going for just a little less.
Needless to say, we decided on the biggest one we could find and then posed
for a series of ridiculously embarrassing pictures with it. 
And no, they will never see the light of day.

Next year, when JD and I will (hopefully) have a tiny little apartment of our own we will 
have to sleep under the tree. A scene to an early episode of How I Met Your Mother comes 
to mind. The one where Lily stole Christmas when she got into a fight with Ted. All of the
decorations crowded her tiny apartment to the point where she couldn't open the door.


  1. I don't remember that episode of HIMYM.... I guess I will have to go rewatch all the episodes. I love christmas episodes of all the shows.... looks like you found a great tree! Can't wait to see the decorated photos!


  2. Haha I think I remember that scene. I LOVE watching Christmas editions of shows. : )And can't wait to see your Christmas tree!

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