December 19, 2012

More of Boston

A walk through the Common.
Since we went up to Boston on a whim, the hotel I usually like to stay at
didn't have any vacancies. We started from scratch and looked up hotels on Trip Advisor
in the car on the drive up. I found a place in the Back Bay that sounded promising
and reasonably priced. Even better, it was a located in lovely old building.
(It's called 463 Beacon Street Guest House in case you're wondering.)
I couldn't imagine living in such a place at a time when it was a private residence.
What am I saying? I definitely could imagine it. I'm sure it was fantastic.
What were once much larger rooms have been converted to smaller ones
to accomodate guests. On the walls lining the staircase were old hotel advertisements
(we're talking illustrations) and photos of Boston mostly taken in the first quarter
of the twentieth century. I stopped to examine them every time we went up or down.
The staff was friendly and attentive, our room was clean, and the location 
wasn't half bad either. Then again, Boston is a small city and walking around 
is only made difficult by the cold air, not the distance. I know I sound like 
an advertisement, which this certainly is not! I just love Boston.

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  1. It looks so pretty there! I've never been to Boston!



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