December 11, 2012

Lost and Found

Saturday morning I flipped open my suitcase and pulled out a skirt I recently 
ordered from Topshop. I was unsure of whether or not I should keep it and wanted 
JD's opinion on the matter. I loved how it looked online but when it arrived in the mail,
well, it looked a little bit costume-y. We both agreed that it could work, I should keep it. 
I put the skirt back in my suitcase and took out my outfit for the day and got ready. 
JD went off to school for a review session and some studying, I went Christmas shopping 
around the village, eventually ending up in Chelsea. When we reconvened at the apartment 
later in the day, JD noticed that he had forgotten to take the garbage out before he left.
 A small yellow garbage bag sat next to the nightstand. He shook his head and said 
something along the lines of "I can't believe I didn't throw the garbage out this morning, 
I could have sworn I did." I looked at the yellow bag, filled with crumpled pieces of paper
and a red cup from a trip to Starbucks last weekend, and thought nothing of it. 

We settled in, made a snack, and began to get ready for the evening. 
My hair was curled, makeup touched up, clutch packed.
For once, I was dressed before JD finished ironing his shirt.
All that was left to do was to put on my shoes and we would be ready to head out 
to dinner before hoping on a train to Brooklyn to see The Rolling Stones. 
I flipped open my suitcase and pushed a blue polka dot scarf off to the side, 
I lifted out a pair of flats, and shifted the remaining clothes around. 
My Rag & Bone boots were not there. I looked around on the floor, thoroughly
checking under the couch to no avail. I told JD I couldn't find my shoes. 
He asked if I had remembered to bring them. This was plausible, after all
I had forgotten my hairbrush, and several other things I had meant to bring. Plus, 
I hadn't worn the boots since arriving. Could I have left them at home?
I carefully retraced my steps, starting in my bedroom where I placed them in 
a plastic bag for transport. "I remember putting them in my suitcase", I told him. 
My eyes nervously shot to the yellow bag resting against the nightstand. 
I had been sitting on the floor in my room while Paisley buried her face in my slippers. 
I grabbed a plastic bag, put the shoes inside, and tied the top in a knot. 
I could feel the color draining out of my face. My voice barely a cracking whisper,
"I had them in a yellow plastic bag..." JD stood up immediately, pushing back his desk chair 
and said "I think I thew them out." He grabbed a pair of rubber gloves, threw on a sweatshirt, 
and headed out to the garbage. Minutes later the apartment door creaked open and in walked 
a triumphant JD holding a yellow plastic bag with Gristedes printed across the front 
in black letters, just like the one still sitting on the floor in JD's bedroom.
"I knew I threw out the garbage today" he snuck in between rounds of apologies.
Luckily, garbage day was the day before, and no one in his building brought anything
down over of the course of the day. In the bottom of a large garbage bin line with a
black mint scented bag (JD thought that this was an important thing to mention)
sat my favorite shoes and nothing else. JD had been prepared to dig for them,
it was either that run up the street to Rag & Bone to replace them. 

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  1. The suspense was killing me wanting to know what happened to your boots. My overactive imagination immediately jumped to the conclusion that someone had broken in, stolen your boots out of the yellow bag and replaced it with trash. Glad to know that you were able to recover them!


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