November 5, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

I had originally planned this post for last week,
but the weather had other plans so it's going up now.
Better late than never!

Pumpkin picking with JD is the thing I look forward to most in Autumn. 
Each year, we head out to the North Fork of Long Island to pick our pumpkings off the vine. 
I have such fond memories of our pumpkin picking adventures over the years. 
It doesn't matter where we go, whether we have to wait on a line 
to get into the field or we're the only people there.

For the record, there are two Harbes Farms in on Sound Avenue in Mattituck, 
and on the weekends, there is even a shuttle between them. 
The first one is more crowded and the pumpkins aren't on the vine, 
they're brought over from the other farm. Most people stop here and don't venture 
any further down the road, making the second Harbes my pumpkin farm of choice. 
A couple of weekends ago, JD and I turned onto the dirt road off of Sound Avenue
 and parked in the open field opposite the corn maze with only five other cars. 
We had the entire place to ourselves. It was perfect.
Of course, I had to choose the heaviest pumpkin I could find.
We walked up and down the rows of pumpkins and finally found two.
A man walking by with his wife said "I've spent less time buying a car."
It's so true. Picking a pumpkin can be a time consuming all right.

This year we have decided not to carve our pumpkins. 
We're planning to eat them instead! There are so many recipes I want to try. 
My current thoughts for the seeds are to roast them in pumpkin pie spices and honey, 
just like the almonds. (You can find that recipe here!)


Thank you so much for taking the time to read and share your thoughts. I love hearing from you!